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Maya Nikolaeva about Maria Karpinskaya.

Maria Karpinskaya.
She is born for the WHOLE WORLD.

     Good day!

     My name is Maya Nikolaeva, I am a member of "THE NEW PLANETARY TV M" team and an agent of Maria Karpinskaya - a woman who is THE SOUL, FACE AND MAJOR FIGURE OF RUSSIA. SHE IS A REAL GURU OF HUMANITY AND INSPIRER, AN OBJECT OF DEVOTION OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.

      In ordinary life - she is the General Director of ANO "THE NEW PLANETARY TV M". She is an engineer, writer, poet, teacher, journalist, thinker, philosopher, film director, and author of many social projects, including THE FESTIVAL OF CHILDREN'S SND YOUTH'S MEDIA "THE WORLD THROUGH THE EYES OF CHILDREN", "THE COMMONWEALTH OF CREATORS OF FUTURE", "THE CHILDREN'S STATE", "THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY" and about 30 another social projects aimed at creating a happy future for all mankind.

     Maria Karpinskaya has more than one hundred awards and rewards from the people of Russia and international non-governmental organizations. She is recognized as "The Woman of the World", was awarded with "The Peace and Friendship" medal, a literary prizes and she is a judge of the number of literary competitions, commended by figures of science and culture, has the title of Patron of Russia, and Philanthropist. This can be seen on her portal:

     There is no any doubts that Maria Karpinskaya - the globally minded person of the world and the planet Earth, that she is recognized in Russia and abroad. Read about her on the best European portal in Russian:

     Maria Karpinskaya called the symbol of Russia, a woman who lights a stars, elite and elected. And that's what they write about her: women such as Maria Karpinskaya, characterized by her individuality, her attitude, taste, her bright personality and many other factors. But there is one thing non-standard for this daughter of Russia: she is more than anyone free in her choice of destiny, independent in her outlook on life and reality. Look here:

     At the same portal a German journalist Anna Tsipris calls Maria Karpinskaya a woman who is creating the future. Read here:

     Maria Karpinskaya is a member of many international organizations and actively fights for the environment of the planet. She wrote a teaching of the future "The Doctrine of Virtues and vices" http://www.lilit12.ru/lilitt_uchenie.htm. She is a member of environmental association "Rescuers", she is a member of management of the international online magazines such as:
http://newrezume.org/index/0-7, Israel, and others.

     She is an honorary member of the World League "Reason Against Drugs", together with the Dalai Lama, Kofi Annan, Queen of the Netherlands and other prominent and famous figures in the world. Dalai Lama opens an honorary membership, Maria Karpinskaya completes this series of great men of the world. Look here:

     But what distinguishes Maria Karpinskaya from all the famous people in the world - its her stunning simplicity and modesty. She is always close to the most ordinary people and never shows her height. And when I met Mary, I could not even afford to assume that she takes such a high social position and gained a huge recognition of her service of all mankind.

     It is this what attracts the attention of all people: her naturalness, sincerity, honesty, truthfulness and simplicity in communication with any person. She always has something to say to a country's president and to simple peasant and to child. And I found my way into the team of Maria Karpinskaya, and my mission is to make sure that the whole world knew and enjoy the view of this star of large magnitude - MARY. She can not belong only to Russia, she is born for the WHOLE WORLD.

     Mary is not only a symbol of beauty, it is the beauty of mature women who is past sixty. She has a rich past, where she not only never soiled herself, but on the contrary showed hundreds of advantages, that's why people love her and worship her.

     When she publish a reporting or an article, sharing her thoughts about what is happening in the world and in her soul, then in two days these data have already been browsed by around 10 000 people.

     Mary is a prototype of the protagonist of known in Russia and abroad bestseller, the heroine - forest girl who knows exactly what she needs to do and saves the planet and the people with the power of her imagination and thought. Mary subjects to the elements of nature. as part of her life she lived in the woods, and remained the forest fairy and mistress of nature, a part of it.

     She knows the soul of nature, and nature knows Mary's soul. Forest magus, who knows the forest's language, has an incredible energy of creation and realization of plans and projects in life, making them with no money and help from the State, by some magical force of nature.

     Maria participated in a variety of historical events in Russia and abroad. It is said about her that once by herself Mary stopped the third world war. This can be seen here in a series of films about Mary "The Unique": http://nptm.ru/edinstvennaya15.htm

     She has an initiations to all the religions of the world. And if she is among the Muslims, she is considered a Muslim. Between Christians, she is a Christian, among the Jews - a Jew, among the Indians - a fan of Shiva, among the Buddhists - a Buddhist. See a movie about Maria Karpinskaya "Brotherhood of religions in the heart of one woman": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrJERHutZDk#t=864

     After listening to the opinions of different people from around the world, you know why do people know and love her, caressed by her help and compassion. There is a title got attached to her by people: A NEW RUSSIAN MARIA MAGDALENE.

     What is so unusual about this woman? Why she can arouse the interest of such a successful company like yours? Become your face, and her site - the location of your advertisement?

     The fact is that Mary is not only a great social activist and peacemaker, she has an extraordinary feminine energy and anyone who sees her immediately falls in love with her. And her age is not a hindrance, but rather attracts to her even more attention and admiration.

     Her appearance (face and great forms) in combination with the intellect makes miracles, excites a great interest. In the place where Mary appears at once nature and human relations start to flourish. She is like an elixir, after a sip of which, if not continue to take further, then life becomes just insipid.

     I suggest you to get acquainted with this phenomenon called MARIA, she has a second spiritual name LILITH, and people gave her thousands of other holy names, and see for yourselves about my words. She is as the main jewel in the crown of civilization never fades and only brings glory.

     Therefore, the time comes when Mary will choose whose face she will represent, and you can send your suggestions, and the company she will choose will be a worthy one and it's glory will be great, and of course on the market it will be the best and most popular.

     I also wrote about her, and told my words of love, like thousands of other people. And it can be seen here:

     Her photos are all different, and in them, as in the old mirrors, through the faces of Mary Lilith the Mother Nature herself looks at us. And if you make your brand from Mary, I'm sure that exactly your company will prosper forever until there is this world. After Maria any thing, any makeup fills with light of her nature, and gets a real magical properties.

     When I wrote that letter and showed it to my friends, they are too wanted to join my signature. Sincerely yours, Maya Nikolaeva, Alexandra Guseva, Andrei and Natalya Kirovi, Vasuliy Pugachev, Amba Shankara, Leonid Shneideriv and many others.

     Maya Nikolaeva.