Hutzpa. A pocket manual for super-murderers. 1

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Hutzpa. A pocket manual for super-murderers.
How to drive to grave a person with conscience and moral principles.
How to bring a conscious person to full madness.

Part 1.
Super-impudence or the question: "How such can be?"
The exclamation: "It is inconceivable!"

1. Till this day I guessed many things, on many strangenesses reflected, but noticing a lot of things, passed them by mind and heart. For what! Why! I won't devote to it my time and look deep. The less you know - the better you sleep. And therefore my mind was in an integrity and safety.

2. Round me such incomprehensible to mind events have occurred, and people made such outrageous acts that my eyes were getting out on the forehead. But I wasn't surprised to anything. These acts nothing, except as super-impudence, you won't call. I saw, understood, but I didn't even bat an eyelid. But why?

3. All because not for my creative consciousness there was this. I couldn't by my mind whatever big it was, to realize up to the end, to plunge to the bottom of hell, to open, to expose the behavior of my many acquaintances. They were near, used me and made outrageous, unscrupulous acts, and peacefully slept, with pleasure lived by that.

4. And if they went too far and grew insolent on my eyes, I showed the door, they were washed away from me, and still then defied my words, abusing the moral principles, overturning my words, manipulating my meanings, thus easily and simply changed white color on black, red for green. Not just people, but conjurers. And also saying by that what they honest and spiritual. And I am a full inspirituality. It is inconceivable!!!

5. These inventors of insolence, without conscience and shame, it is difficult even to call somehow, and the phenomenon which stands behind them and helps them to manage, without batting an eyelid, the incredibly impudent immoral acts, I will call and sound so far by the word overimpudence. And all their acts, and behavior can be designated with the prefix "over". Take all vices and add the word over to them, and there will turn out already not the vices, but something incomprehensible to the mind.

6. And, of course, such over-impudence, over-impertinence, over-insolence is peculiar only to these who absolutely has no conscience and consciousness. It isn't known where they hid it and for what sold, but that they lost conscience and consciousness it is unambiguous.

7. Such people are absolutely empty as a vessel in which there is nothing, and isn't present a bottom - only a hole, and through them, exactly through them any thought and any dropped word any person slips. This is a surprising ability of vessels full of holes of human's soul - they easily read out from space and sound your thoughts, your expectations, summoning a great interest and even sympathy provided that we look at them from far away.

8. But let's us God not come near to such black holes of troubled times! You will recognize both the Kuzma's mother and all other abusive mothers. You'll learn that such a press and how you can be cut on cutlets. Many people of soul pass this meat grinder, and undergo improbable tortures of soul. If occurs so that torturers leave the soul, and it is released, can freely sigh, the force and energy and life are coming back.

9. There are a lot now in Russia such equilibrists of the word, such conjurers and actors-hypocrites. On each person with conscience and soul there will be already thousands of actors, nothing makers and talkers. There are too few workers and too many idlers. Such imbalance what that is unthinkable.

10. Happens that the wood gets sick, and it is attacked by parasites, and you come into the wood, and all trees are in a web and all leaves are eaten. Such also happens in a garden. The trees become cachectic and, if not help them, will be lost. Same is with insolent and parasitic people, super-talkers and liars. So lie and so speak, from the air reading out all your thoughts that people start listening and trusting. And they only translators of your thoughts. Thete are no miracles, all is utterly simple.

11. I am sure that you see together with me such an inventor of speeches who constantly speaks from TV screens, fights, swears, specifies, gets involved, a bride at every wedding, and everyone smiles. The people behold the acting of solo performance. Satyr in pure form, got an opportunity of pouring out your thoughts and speeches of all spirits and all demons. It is happy and realized as works only for public and vanquishs it. But he doesn't care of people at all. Like that he runs from business. He blows only in one way. The public is delighted, he is in ecstasy.


12. But the conscience is absent, that conscience that builds borders between virtues and vices, between altruism and egoism. But conscience builds borders not between the ostentatious external altruism working for public for the sake of own PR, this is the most usual egoism, now sophisticated. But egoism of own PR breaks vessels of souls of other people and they too become full of holes, with no conscience. You should think of that.

13. Conscience builds borders between internal, deep, moral altruism which stands above limit of sensitivity and is called as internal culture of virtues. And conscience calculates and separates from virtues as our immunity distinguishes viruses of sophisticated diseases, same way the conscience reckons the egoism already "refined" and "idolized" by person brought to perfection of pseudo-beauty.

14. Such egoism breaks all borders and turns into a chimera or a so-called siren. You remember, who such chimeras and sirens created in the mystical way and being magic beings?

15. Remember history how Odysseus rescued his team from the power of over-impudence and full shamelessness of sirens? He knew that sirens with their sweet songs entice seamen on the island, and no one, who got into claws of sirens, survived. But Odyssey had a wish to listen to unusual songs of sirens and, to rescue the team, Odysseus closed up the ears of the companions with wax not to allow them to hear the stupefying voices, and he ordered to tie himself to the mast with strong ropes and, under no circumstances not to untie until the island of sirens would appear far behind. As Odysseus captivated by songs to the island of sirens was torn, his companions were taking away the vessel. Thus, Odysseus sufferred action of super-cynical and bald lie of voices of incredibly impudent sirens, listening which it is almost impossible to resist. But his team which listened to the manuals of Odyssey, inexperienced by singing of sirens, took the vessel away from the island.

16. You think, what it is an imagination and a myth? Look in our days, remember the translations on TV, do peer into talks and behavior of people. Today there are too many sirens. And everybody, who watches TV, already drugged by lie and super-impudence of sirens, they already don't notice how losing their life and souls, losing conscience, and turn into full and brainless zombies. They don't lead their life, but lead the life of sirens which take them away in total delirium and madness. And all this is extremely immoral, unscrupulous, but people are already don't notice it.

17. Not so long ago, to me as to Odyssey, floating on the ocean of human passions, the understanding of acts of my acquaintances had come, and my mind was confused, and there was a rhetorical question: How such can be? And further exclamation was born by itself: It is inconceivable!

18. I didn't think of it earlier only because was too loaded by affairs. And I had no time for other people acts. I turned to everything a deaf ear, but in my memory had registered all seen and heard as in Akasha's chronicles, and in the absence of the affairs it all emerged.

19. I remembered how I asked one acquaintance who lived with us and used the benefits of our house, my car and studio: "You aren't tormented by a remorse". She was surprised, and asked: "But what is that?" I too then was surprised, but didn't pay significance. The subsequent acts of this person deeply shocked me, and I tried to hold away this woman from the house.

20. For example there is another case: we were traveling together. Climbed on the big mountain. Listened to bards at a festival. Then it was necessary to climb down the mountain, but it was a little slipping, and was very difficult to go down. And here our acquaintance declared: and now, everyone for himself. And she went by herself. We were coming down, having joined hands, helping each other.

21. And such cases of behavior of different people who meant to be my friend millions. And therefore only when you have what to take you have such friends. And if there is nothing - such friends evaporate. Usually they also manage to take something from your property what badly lies. I even got a black list of such "inventors" and shameless people, only I don't manage to write them all down as there do many of them. These are not solitary instances. These are as raids of locusts.

22. For many years I saw the acts of people which nothing except insolence, over-impudence and full shamelessness you won't call, and I asked all of them the same question: "But the conscience doesn't torment you?" And always I received approximately identical answers: "What conscience? What is it? And why would I have it?", etc.

23. My question for a long time, since I wad six years old, is groundless, in no action, without developing an answer. And I'm still look forward to hear the answer, the answer for all unscrupulous and super-impudent at ones. And as the answer isn't present, they go to me in never-ending succession, following me. These are my question marks and my exclamations. And till the unique answer to all won't be found it will be so. And, if you live by conscience and consciousness, it also occurs too you, for sure.

24. As long as there is no answer, and there is always sound this questing inside of me, such people, without conscience and shame, are coming to me. And I wait at list for one person who would be an answer for my questions. And I'm still waiting. As they say: "There is almost midnight, but Herman still not here!" There is no answer. The questions and the answers come to us with people. And then arrives a liberation from all accumulated and the questions are disappearing. When Odyssey came home all fiances of Penelope were destroyed by him. The fiances - questions, Odyssey - answer.

25. I have such feeling as though there the line of similar grooms - questions was built towards me. What for they come to me? For conscience, for my soul, but they make bad acts and fall even lower more deep, and disappear from my life as though they weren't there, and it was a mirage.

26. It was much worse with Penelope. They sat, ate, slept and drunk in her house and were rude, impudent, grew insolent with every day, and waited for the answer from Penelope. Do remember this history. And that's what occurs on the earth, in our country, in other countries today. And Odyssey is still not there. There is no the one who would answer to all at ones as it was made by Odysseus. A very instructive history.

27. With me the history goes this way: one falls into oblivion, another right there comes even more sophisticated, super-impudent and shameless. And I will call such behavior by another known word satan.

28. If there is a satan near you, you with all your heart appeal to God. And then the help comes. Many of you also know about it. But if near you a satan, he waits for an answer which has to express itself somehow by your behavior, your love, that the full of holes vessel would either brake into small slices, or became whole, and a new person would be born.

29. And that is the miracle which for me will be the answer. And therefore I pass so impossibly difficult road. To engender conscience and consciousness in broken and full of holes vessel, it is the same as to turn inside our cosmos and to reorient the black hole. This is a tempting prospective and therefore my duel for the person proceeds.

30. I note for myself that satan watches me and always nearby for a long time, he waits, and hopes that I will be able to correct him, to make him whole. When I be able to present him the heart and conscience, instead of black hole, he will become a human. If I allow a miss, he will strike his unexpected and distinguished blow. One more lie of actors. It seems they come for a conscience, but after strike a blow, unexpected and cynical, overturning the consciousness so much that the soul exclaims on all universe: "It is impossible!!!" But it very much possible!

31. Sometimes the blows of satan are rough and unprecedented, sometimes thin as a needle and get right into the heart, in the very basis of your and my life. And I should have die long ago but I, as a Phoenix bird, rise from ashes again. One such satan told me about me: "You will kill her, dig in, get up in the morning and see her dancing on own grave!"

32. But why it happens so? Why there is a revival from ashes and a full unconditional somersault of consciousness? Everything is simple. I know a secret of satan now and therefore I'm live. And I want to open for you this secret. As soon as you know it, all this superimpudence will lose its force and will become visible to the whole world and people.

33. Those who lives within culture and conscience and to whom God was merciful, who remained to live, I think, too has similar to my question, your question which is given rise from acts of your acquaintances: "How could this happen?", and you also, as well as I, exclaimed and then repeated to full exhaustion and turbidity of mind: "How such can be???!!!" "It is inconceivable!!!" and if let it to go in cycles an emptiness in soul and depression begins.

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