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: 27, 2016 11:13 am     : India "MEETING WITH THE MOUNTAIN

Verses and prose
of Maria Karpinskaya



Here in the heart of India

There is a sacred mountain Arunachala,

The legends say that Shiva-God lives in the mountain

On a full moon I walked around Him from all the sides.

I walked by hard and lengthy way

And saw my whole life as integral

And wall of time was crumbling

And the past lived here near to the present

And light of future was dissolved in it forever

My soul heeded music of all times

And sang the song of life and glorified God:

"God, you're so fine!

You created this mountain and the valley,

In which gave me mildness of night,

And clarity of clear moon.

Soul cries to the body to love you

And the body is so obedient to me

And it continues

In the beautiful lines of the holy mountain

And sanctity of my body

Calls me to heights of senses.

I go by timelessness

In circle of four spaces

And every space

Shows me new look of God

And I see myself in it.

Here the thoughts like clouds

Capped the mountain top,

I accepted them joyfully and without sorrow

And the thoughts slid down the mountainside

Then slipped off

And touched with valley of my heart

The warmth of the heart turned them in weightlessness

On the sky had grown wonderful patterns of clouds,

But suddenly they saw

Pale princess - my moon

And played with her,

Moon hid behind the clouds

And in the world suddenly spills ink,

And the night descends veil for those,

Who doesn't sleep and praises Goddess

Talents and thieves singing songs for her

The poet takes the ink and writes a poems about love

And the thief takes the excess of property

And eases my way.

But suddenly the moon will playfully come out from behind the clouds

And the world will fill with white paint

And holiness will reign on earth

My beauty, Goddess,

Give me white paint of light

I'll paint with it the people's hearts.

But need I also some red colour.

I want to see smile

In the light of the moon - red,

She promises me luck

And agitates the blood.

I want to kindle fire in your night

The fire in the minds of people with smile of love.

What else would you give me on the way?

Do you propose the milk of your celestial cows?!

Thank you, I do not drink it.

For me more pleasant Milky Way in heavens,

But you hid it from my eyes.

O beauty, how many stars you overshadowed with white light?

I go by way of eternity around the circle

And the mountain sends me kisses,

And there are lights from kissing left.

They move into some houses,

Which called here temples,

And I'm entering into your kiss,

My mountain, my God,

And clean my body and touch you

And fire tickles my palms.

You are so great!

And how gentle Your kisses!

On the road of time

The trees affably waving to me;

Hello, trees!

I was waiting for you long!

Do you know about me?

"Yes, we have all the knowledge of your heart

We remain peaceful.

Peace is in you, O Mary! "

And I became the soul of the trees,

They let me into their essence.

And the trees have become smarter

And the trees became animated

And we melted into each other,

And my leaves told me "Hello"

My clouds as thoughts of feelings

Fell on the top of the mountain

The mountain smiled at me: "See you, child"

At the end of the path

Meeting and parting merged

In one mighty stream of life and light...

And... LOVE reigned in the soul.

Author: Maria Lilith Karpinskaya. 1995.

Translation Of Maya Nikolaeva.

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