The Tree of my Desires

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: 27, 2016 11:15 am     : The Tree of my Desires

Verses and prose
of Maria Karpinskaya

The Tree of my Desires

What can I wish more from the tree of my desires?

To love you and to be with you, Creator?

To find all wisdom of heart of our knowledge?

You remember the creation. You everything know yourself.

Your duty and your love I will not give in hands of evil,

I want fulfill your wish,

I want fulfill my wish.

I so want our wills to concur.

I also want to say that I love you,

Through all the ages, people, times,

I remember you, penetrating into eternity.

I miss you, even though you are in everything,

For me there is never enough of you.

You always was with me,

But thirst of my heart as a great ocean.

You overshadowed for me all my world.

I'm here alone, I want in our home,

We were given birth to our heat of love.

I can include both earth and people.

But how to comprehend your restrictions on the earth?

How do I get closer to you, to myself

And stay in this mortal body?

The matter's got asleep, it went to ashes in our deal.

How can I, without losing myself, remain the higher, the One,

the Energy of creation incarnation and your star?

Singing with sounds of heaven, that sounds all could,

As I will, in this mortal body,

From little point stretch to infinity of yours?

After all I have gone from heaven to earth, willingly giving sound,

Now I don't remember anything, but I remember only you.

And just, under hammer of heart, I call to mind life with you.

I know, I remember - to find you

I have to dissolve myself in hearts of people,

And to collect all hearts in my chest.

There's a huge house I build for you - for me.

There are millions of rooms for people's hearts,

And You moved into each with them,

I feel you, but sadness is so strong,

That I can't see you with integrated single glance.

To touch a sleeve of clothes, to hug the shoulders,

There only words and our speech are left.

All prophets and forerunners gone.

There no one singing songs and calling to new world.

And I'm still waiting and waiting for the desirable meeting.

Permit me to know you throughout the entire volume.

I know - this knowledge will strengthen pain of our separation.

But how am I to live and to be here in your - my land,

I love this earth and love the people,

And madly passionately I'm in love with sky and you...

I want to become a point of connection of heaven and earth.

All spirits say to me - it is impossible!

But I want it! And what do you want?

My Creator, my fate! Say and enlighten me!

I sit under the tree of my desires.

I wish so much, so want to be with you,

Could only one tree help me?

There only wrong ones coming, whom should I love?

I looked into the heart of the tree of knowledge,

And the leaves of the tree swayed with significance and courtesy,

And someone painfully and wrongly hurts my heart,

But the leaves of the tree are so quietly and gently

Whispered to me: "Don't be afraid" and familiar wind blew.

Through these leaves the light of my soul is so bright.

And suddenly I realized all what you loved,

For now I can forever be your wife.

Now I know the pain of loss, and will be enough of strength

To go together for one dream.

I did remember you, you brightened up,

Then for the whole eternity you fell in love with us.

If the branches of the tree of knowledge swung,

If I wasn't afraid of you and the wind had come,

And our dreams and our creations were back,

So, my desire coincided with yours,

The earth and our creations are not ashes and smoke!

My Creator, we will be together!

Give your heart to your beloved Vesta.

Goodbye, dear tree of knowledge.

We'll meet again with you, believe me.

Now human was born and died beast.

I'll come back when learn to be the point

And the infinite length of time and space.

All life will open with a single line,

Creator and Founder - Truth and Crown of all life,

It will incarnate Mother Lilith and Father himself.

No trinity, but two will create a whole new world,

Will disappear fear and pain, disperse an empty idol,

There will be no more black holes in the universe.

I will extend to you, oh my. Creator, I swear on the blood,

And you will know my fire like an endless ecstasy of love.

But here a crow sat on the tree and casted me gloom.

What are you croaking, darling? You think I do not know about thorns?

I know! Of course I know! But what can I do if I'm in a hurry to the stars?

There is nothing to think of, if I'm in a hurry for a meeting with Creator?

Love and passion hidden in my womb,

They both push me forward, and I have nothing,

No earthly desires, only cognition and memory,

Memory of centuries and birth in his great doubt,

This wonderful moment, Creator, do you remember the way backwards?

Want to forget all grudges, you want to rise from ashes?

Remember me, how together we had created the worlds,

How we were bring delight and throwing gifts

To those ones who after overthrew you and me in tartarus,

Do you remember, do you love, do you talk or grieve?

Want to go back? Forgot all, in silence?

You was in doubt, you lost me, and everyone,

But I love through the centuries and spaces,

The great success is waiting for us.

And I know we will meet again on the earth,

Creator, don't fall, stay in saddle.

It's difficult to recognize me among the people,

Remember the name of my father - the name Avdyei.

Do not be afraid of my face, fear not of the gray hairs,

Thousands of years I'm mother and father, sister and son.

Sitting under the tree of desires and wish you,

I want you, and want to re-create the worlds with you,

Crow croaks, it does not want to speak,

How do I get my beauty back and build,

Without dying, how could I rise from dead?

To one crow flew another two, and croaked a lot.

Crows croaked, and the tree of desires fell silent

And did not answer on my questions,

Its leaves were smiling with Mono Lisa smile,

And maybe the only one on earth Mary?

Tree of knowledge, I know all the forces of Messiah,

Better to keep quiet so as not to become a mistake.

What else could it tell me?

Me and Creator already realized all by ourselves,

Listen, tree, that happened with us.

There is nothing third, don't attract us with empty dreams.

You will not buy his heart of steel,

Tree, for you a secret door opened.

There is no more third, there are only two,

And the world is now divided into two,

Heavens applauding standing,

And eternity creates a new verse.

New earth we honour with songs,

There is no death, ordered to all to broadcast,

The tree of desires will always be silent,

And we will always wish each other.

Author: Maria Lilith Karpinskaya. 1995.

Translation Of Maya Nikolaeva.

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