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: 27, 2016 11:22 am     : The new ark of rescue is constructed!

Verses and prose
of Maria Karpinskaya


What gifts to present to God?
What gifts will buy this Knowledge?!
All gold of the world cannot buy road,
Which knows that GOD EXISTS!
Vladimir Oxikovsky
All of you already perfectly understand that there is today on a planet an earth. You began to recollect all prophets of the past, have recollected again Vanga, Nosterdamus, the sleeping prophet of Casey. And you do not know what to do.
Earlier, many so-called governors considered that they owners of land and that they create those or other situations, they plan crises and operate mankind. And suddenly an instant! And as though all mechanisms of management have broken. So it is unexpected, governors began to lose the power, and the financial system began to fall, on which all managerial processes by society and natural resources have been based.

And governors began to understand that the pyramid of the power which has been carefully built by someone, began to fall.

And the system of numbers which has made a life of people servitude, it has suddenly ceased to work. Also have created network systems of consumption that by means of nuclear division to include people in control systems and distributions, and they too have worked and began to break. And governors any more will not stop crisis by the strong-willed decision, and people will not be directed any more on this or that way by means of force of egregious of religions.

Process seems uncontrollable, and to all signs we are waited by great chaos. Night has fallen on the world, the darkness has seized consciousnesses of governors and attendants of system. The future is not present. The life becomes dangerous, unpredictable and gloomy. People die too unexpectedly and often.

But, as it is known, always during such moments there were on the earth those who built for mankind new places of their shelter, arks. In Russian word an ark it is possible to hear a word a ladle, an initial syllable of word honesty, and there is a letter , it speaks about movement presence.

So, the world has closed itself in a trap. The planet was filled with multilayered lie. God of lie has come almost to each heart, and system destruction has begun. In the Universe such events occurred in the past.

All of us read ancient books of India. In the book the Mahabharata is described a similar situation. God Krishna whom nobody recognized, goes down to the not hopeless pupil and friend Ardzhune. He speaks to he: Let all mankind will die, but the Dharma needs to be kept.

What is the Dharma? It is the Soul, that part of a human component which directly is connected by God. Soul thin, pure, sensual, not learnt by mind human. Mind is there is a Cerberus, the security guard of a body and a life physical, it locks or pushes soul far on boondocks, and, thus, sits down on that throne on which Soul should sit.

The Mind - the player and the deceiver. He aspires to receive all qualities of Soul and consequently is god of lie. The Mind wishes to ruin Soul. And people who have allowed to enter into them to god of lie, trample the Souls, spit in the Souls and throw out them in dustbins.

And together with soul they lose conscience, and all virtues. When leaving constant revelations from all worlds of the past and the future, then the following come out all invisible forces which are called as VIRTUES and then happen the world plunges into chaos and a gloom.

If nobody stops this process, the mankind will be lost. It does not happen because, on the earth the Messiahs come, and, separating grains from a peel, rescue those people who have not given the soul to god of lie and a rye. The lie corrodes soul as the rust corrodes metal.

Today any Messiah in an image of the person cannot change people on the Earth. Because one it can make nothing. Therefore, today the Idea became the Messiah the Idea collects round itself people who name itself the Messiahs.

The idea has come to the author twenty years ago. It conducted me by the way of Dharma rescue. As the author of idea, I have endured a shock - clinical death. I left the body and I has appeared in other world. There I have understood that I wish to remain on the Earth. I remember, how I have told: Leave me on the Earth. I should help friends and children. When I have returned to the Earth, within one night I have written the concept and the program which is called till now the Children's state. This program has come from cosmos. The program Children's state was perfected and improved within twenty years. It brought up the Author and other people who has adjoined to Idea. The idea helped to make travel by the Earth to those people who have been betrayed to idea. The idea trained people, estimated them and protected.

The idea Children's state began to belong to all people. But people at that time could not realise all depth of idea at once. This Idea began to expand as a tree while the understanding of people of Idea increased, while people began to develop. During time, the Idea began to get the form of an ark of rescue for friends and children.

The idea became an ark. It supervises now over dreams and thoughts of many people. People who have grown fond of this Idea, build a rescue ark in yourself consciousness, and in consciousness of the all mankind.

It is the latent period of building of the ARK. The rescue ark is a new cradle for the future mankind, for mankind of the sixth race. Twenty years from the date of the Idea birth on the Earth, became equal to millennia in perception of many people as the Idea possesses the greatest fullness the past and future information.

But in your eyes and your hearts it is impossible to contain completely all scale of building which has been entrusted by God to the author. As Ardzhuna, I worked together with God, but I did not know that I build this ARK with the Creator.

How one woman, without money, without the power can, creates all what I have created for these twenty years??? And I will answer is it is impossible.

People who are allocated by the power and power of this world, those who own all money of the world - they could not make anything. And here, one not protected woman, has created the whole program of rescue of the Earth and mankind and has extended it for these twenty years across all Earth!

Do you know, what twenty years ago I have come to the Moscow mayoralty? There I began to speak to people about Idea "Children's state". At that time me looked as the madwoman! Me considered as the madwoman until Moscow was visited by the millionaire from Portugal. He together with me has visited all state structures. After his public approval of Idea "Children's state", me at once have ceased to perceive as the madwoman. Now me perceived as the cleverest and real.

Whether you think, what I it have all made myself? Certainly, no. All with me began to happen wonderfully. I am oneself, without assistance, began to win the whole huge structures.

Know, when Ardzhuna one has risen against all country, with he was Krishna. But Ardzhuna did not know that Krishna, here so, in human shape, has come to it as the driver! Ardzhuna could not assume that God will come to serve to it. Its human psychology did not allow it to assume the such! But it was so. And two of them have opposed huge army and have won. Really, has won Ardzhuna? Certainly, no. They have won together: God and the person.

I am constantly felt that God with me. God appeared before me under different images; It could enter even into the drunkard, which suddenly started to speak with me to correct my actions.

But the most wonderful was the idea Children's state. Different people tried to steal it, the Idea was given to them. But after, the Idea again came back to me only more enriched.

Soon I have understood that the idea Children's state is a certain live substance, the live space concentrated in thought, compressed in a point. And from a point, directly on my eyes, the idea was developed in powerful space in which there lived honesty, conscience. It is idea has inspired me to write the book in which there is a ship, and I there the woman the captain!

So it, idea Children's state grew, as a tree sunflower seed, and has grown in a mighty tree of a new LIFE. Today the idea has put on in clothes, she began to resemble a nested doll. The big nested doll hides less, less too hides even less and so on. And the smallest nested doll at a space turn becomes the biggest!!! Unless it not a miracle? It becomes the new earth! It already is SO!

This information collected twenty years, I did not tell about it to people until the ARK of RESCUE of MANKIND has not been constructed.

All think that the ship it is obligatory a construction which floats on water or flies by air. These representations about the ship too narrow and primitive. Let's present the ship differently! The whole planet can be the ship! It should be not necessarily adhered to the Sun! Present that the ship - planets has enough force and energy to shine most and most to develop heat. A planet the traveler. The planet still to be in the smallest nested doll, in a small kernel, almost in a point, for the Universe.

But here there is an hour of the Beginning. And from this kernel at first reveals the aether of the planet. Then the Material Basis of a planet will be formed. And then the portal opens, and a part of people appear on this new planet.

After all actually, all thereby occurs.

To make a simple thing, at first the idea of a thing will be born. Only in last turn there is a thing. And here already people use it.

The idea Children's state has dressed itself in silks. The project the World eyes of children became these silks. In the modern language these three magic words name a slogan. Know in what force of this SLOGAN? These three magic words do not comprise anything that could cause in someone the protest. They are infinite also they are above different religions and above world governments

Tell, who against this phrase? Nobody. It does not cause contradictions and war. But how many is in this concluded sense?

All of us are children of a planet the Earth and children of the Galaxy.

The Word the world bears in itself the big positive charge. The word the world means harmony in the house, and at the same time, it means the Galactic worlds.

Eyes always caused in us feeling of tenderness. A sight it is sick. It's cuts, pricks. And here "the eyes" word is something bottomless, something kind, soft, it radiates LIGHT. Eyes is Soul, He is God. And we are children of God, the favorite children hearing He, and He sees us because we have gave this Word which God is.

More recently in the world there was an Internet. Thus, the Idea Children's state together with the project the World eyes of children has been better shown. One of Idea nested dolls became multimedia, the Internet - Idea. Our ship is floats on the air of the Internet space.

And now tell to me: you can imagine the such? I have even no normal own house, the state work, but together with idea I find material displays. In the centre of Moscow the heavenly spot is located. It is studio of surprising beauty in which my favourite southern plants grow. They have come to me; they were brought by people at night. I have come in the morning to the studio. Studio NPTM has turned green. Has the earned multichannel Internet radio. There was an Internet TV: one television channel children's. It is called as "Detskovidenie". Other television channel adult Maria-TV, and the third television channel for a direct transmission. I have learned many things. I have made design of the portal such that its colors to heal of the people.

In Russia, within winter, gray colors prevail. The sun do not happen in the winter. People go mad from look on the gray colors of buildings, streets, of the gray smeared snow, from gray clothes. All colors and shades about which wrote Goethe are necessary to the person for normal development. The soul of the person recovers variety of color. Illnesses are colors which have crushed and have killed in a shower of the person. These colors became gray.

Now I have the organization New planetary TV of M. I have registered mass media. I am independent, free, and financially independent of the state. It allows me to operate and work not in a format which is dictated by governors and mass-media. I work on the divine command. The divine command, as a rule, does not coincide with expectation of people. Happens, when the Divine command is absolutely opposite to human understanding.

Therefore, the Ark exists. It is constructed thanks to mine by efforts and to efforts of God. When building is ended, it is necessary to fill the Ark with filling and senses of human Souls. We call on the Ark of the Messiahs, and those who worked for the blessing of all mankind. Now the ARK exists for ALL MANKIND. It any more does not belong to me. I am the TEACHER for the Messiahs. I am should lift on this ark of SOUL of PEOPLE.

Now people come on the ARK. There is a division of grains from a peel.

All those who had the greedy purposes, fly away, as a peel, every which way. Greedy people show the full madness. All greedy people have qualities of the third measurement. They are not capable to execute any word, and they are incapable to carry out any plan. It is absolute inspirituality, crash and falling of human Souls. We all it observes before the Ark. The ark sends to all people lessons for improvement of soul and for a birth of new Spirit. But about it you will learn from our news. Our news will amaze surprise and admire you.

On the Ark "Children of a white jaguar" come. Whether all these children will manage to gather? Whether "Children of a white jaguar" for themselves will have time to touch and open greatness of idea of the Creator?

Whether they for themselves will manage to open a rescue general plan?

Captain Maria Karpinskaya.

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