HYMN TO GODESS. Poem to Godess

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: 27, 2016 11:33 am     : HYMN TO GODESS. Poem to Godess

Verses and prose
of Maria Karpinskaya

Poem to Godess


Oh, the Light of my Heart,
Thou are the simplicity of my Days!
Oh, Thou are my Lord!
Oh, my mild reddish Flower!
Oh, my Fire, to be standing behind my Soul!
Tell me, whom are Thou hiding behind the retinas of my eyes?
Who is standing there in big silence?
Who is exhibiting me Thy Law?
I hear Thy Silence, it is so aloud,
That I am becoming dump to the Sounds,
That rings here, on my Earth.
Yesterday, Thou, oh my bottomless Silence,
Opened to me Thy face and
I heard Thy endless breath.
Oh, my Mother, Goddess!
What are Thou creating in myself I know!
Thou condescended me, so that will be affirming
Thy own Loves on the Earth.
Tell me, Who are Thou?!
I am knowing Thou gradually.
For me Thou are Sister and Mother, Friend and Child.
When I accomplished with the tenderness,
Thou are embodying the playful Child,
And I love playing with you in hide-and-Seek.
Oh, How beautiful it is these playful game!!!
And then suddenly you see a Man,
That want the pretensions, so that it is calling by the husband,
And you are becoming the template and sweet aroma
And the pinch stupefaction are filtering Straight in the Heart of Man,
And pull, pull straight to the chasm.
And you oblige to look at Him this chasm,
Them, who has bravery and wishing to be with you,
And you laugh, on seeing their fear,
And you cry, on seeing their fall.
Who are you, my Goddess? Who?
What are you wishing, whom are you seeking here, in the desert?!
Do you look for brave, mind, courage, honour, integrity
Are clothes of belief?!
Do you look for this on the Earth?!
But where is the Belief?
By what is it clad? Why is it in the rags?!
And who it wore this white clothes itself
They weren't those, at all they aren't those
And you are picking with them who used not own clothes the masks,
And you are proclaiming their dirty,
And warms, that born in their white clothes
Are trying to catch me for my heels.
But Thou are dislodging the roll of Time,
And it is burning in Thy Fire
And together with him are burning the dirty with worms,
And the stench stands around me.
Then I see the wrath Sight, sharp trident and tongue!
What do Thou want, to tell them all?!
My Goddess, my Mother! Who are thou?!
Maybe are you the death!-
The beginning of the new Life?!
And suddenly the clemency is bearing in myself,
And Thou suddenly Standing quiet
And Thou spread over with veil of everybody from the face of the death,
And then you start becoming generous
And Thou are fulfilling the wishes of the everybody,
Who is asking anything today.
Thou have delighted, how child
But I have known your Lark,
And behind the accomplishment of the Wishes
Thou destroy that, that you have presented with generous Hand.
Oh, If it be able to prevail the people Thy Love!
Which hasn't the borders.
Oh, If it be able to be!
Oh, If the people will be able to grasp Thy great Play!
Oh, If it was possible!!!
But, Thou haven?t understood,
Then Thou have commended,
Then Thou have damned it
You are going by Nights on the Earth
And are looking for the Souls,
And I go with Thou Thou are my girlfriend
Thou and I are UNITE.
And I have known to your loneliness and
Thou have opened Thy chasm.
And I have stepped there
And It, That chasm, have shown
The stairs in the Heaven
And Thou have delivered to me the keys,
The keys from that chasm and that big silence
Of the impetuous of movements downwards
It is meaning upward, in the tops of Heavens.
But Who? Who will be able to step behind me in that chasm.
Oh, my Rover, oh Goddess! Mother of the World!
How will I be able to help Thou?!
Where I will be find the courage?s sous of the belief,
Who will be able to love without measure
I so love Thou and so want to help Thou in Thy searches,
That I have for gotten myself,
And I have stood by Thou
But who will be able to behold Goddess
In the form of the common woman?!
Where is this Knight,
What can take the keys
And hold the great flood of Love?!
Oh, If suddenly such courageous man find,
All world will be changing own face
And the Earth will be awaking.
She will be opening the eyes,
And it will be falling all stars,
That have corrupting the Heaven?s Angels
By the false of the Light
The Earth will be Stretching, Shaking by early?s hairs,
And undulating her hairs
Will be changing the dry-Land
And it will be pouring over with water,
And your first sight will be changing the view
There, where it were the mountains,
There it will be becoming the rivers
And there where were the oceans,
It will be becoming the mountains,
And then she will be arising
And will be stepping towards the sun,
And this worried, where the gloom have govern
It will be falling down
And children of Sun will be knowing new Light
And Thou, my Goddess, will be standing by Wife
And Thou will be sitting on the Altar,
And your face with diamond in the hairs,
Which will be sparkling with sevens colours,
Will be beholding the Universe,
The Light of Thy Love will sentence the Tim
And it will bring back the scape them,
Who lost it in sad deeds
And twelve measures henceforth will be absorbing thrice
And this will be resuscitating Thy big Silence
In Thy big Silence the Child will born
And the Father will be knowing the Son,
And He will be returning to the Mother her beginning
And the keys will be unbolting the doors
And will be disappearing all terms
And the river of thy day-dreams will be developing a leak,
Oh, my Mother, Goddess,
Thy river will be developing a leak in the new waterway
This will be soon.
I have known it exactly!
Thou have dried apricot to me
This at night.

Author: Maria Karpinskaya. 1996.
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