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Where are you going, Oh, my Sister, my day-dream, my Love Oh, my INDIA?!

His article is born, when I was coming to India, the second time. My name is Maria Karpinskaya. I am a Russian lady.

In my life I have been working and well-know for many professions. I am a teacher, manager, journalist, editor of Radioprograme, member of Committee of Eurotalent of Europe, President of International Solutary Organisation School of Stars, a member of Committee of International Red Cross and Halfmoon, an engineer, director of theatre, the representative of the Trade Organisations in Russia, also a writer etc All my professions I loved so much and I gave my full devotion to every work and I have been gaining big successes in every work and found many friends for my soul. And today I have got the big love of these Russian people. It is my big Values, that I gathered in my life. Now I am using my numerous possibilities, so that I can find and connect the people with twin-soul and so I create in this world one big Chain of Light and Gods Love.

This Chain will be going through hearts of people of different Nations and Religions. It is beyond the Relationship, the Chain from the hearts of the brothers and sisters will be the Relationship of the souls manifested by God. This Chain will create in the Universe that ONE BIG MAGNET OF GOD?S LOVE. When this MAGNET gets enough POWER on the face of the Earth, then it will wakeup that GREAT CRYSTAL; that was hidden many thousand years ago by the SONS* OF GOD. They were as One People and One Nation.

This CRYSTAL will open the ADVENT of the New Light and the New Consciousness for the Population of our Earth.

And then will come the END OF THIS WORLD. And will be the new Earth and the New Heaven John, Bible. But not that everybody will be dead, but will be changed in one instant. Paul, Bible.

And I came to India, so that I will be able to find this Pure Hearts, who will be able to show the courageous love, who will be able to have true courage, who cannot take, but only give and serve their own Motherland, own people by the Laws of Gods Justice. This is with God.

I am Russian, but I know, that my God have many names in different Countries, i.e. Jesus, Narayana, Siva, Krishna, Allah, Buddha etcBut my God, also as Gods of all People on this Earth have only ONE SPIRIT. And this SPIRIT is bringing on my Earth THE ENERGIES OF GOD?S LOVE.

This LOVE will show the pure hearts, the courageous, the justice and it is carrying the great wish to create the laws of God on the Earth. God gives to his souls the great sense of responsibility about everybody and everything. And this Sons are the possessors of the highest sense of Conscience and they are living in this Earth not for themselves, but for the people.

It is that way the WAY OF SERVICE FOR GOD in a person this is the way of the knowledge, and of the action Love of which we will be using in our life, in our work and in a clemency of simple day. Hearts, Minds, Hands, and the SPIRIT of this people are so clean, like the cleanliness of the light of God.

And I want to build the bridge between the hearts of such people. It is the bridge between India and Russia. It is the people and their matters. It is that true trade, the inter-change of the cultures, ties of friendship without hypocritical love and unfeigned Love. For this, first of all it can be attained by helping the Children. It is impossible to look at the condition of the children in India, only that, who looks absently and who has cruel hearts can not cry! It is terrible everybody, who lives in India, will carry the full responsibility and answer before God from the Guiltlessness of Children. Everybody must a ask themselves: What I have done, what I can do, so that it can help and change the situation of the Children in India? Now it is very important.

In Russia millions of people knew, that on this Earth the last Time has come, and soon, quite soon, very near to the border of 2000 years, it will bring the new changes and our Earth together with us will be crossing the new step of the development and it is the coming of the new golden age.

About this spoke all Prophets, all symtoms, it was felt by all people, who has the high Consciousness. There are many messages from our Universal Brothers from another Planet and all mankind receives the communications through great Man, who were not dead but were resurrected in another plan of Existance. It is the great teachers of mankind. And now they are working near our Earth and they are helping the people to go on the way of progress to perfection. Amongst these great Teachers, are coming the communications of Jesus, Buddha, Sri Sankara, Akbar Hael Moria Now, for our planet and for everybody the time is coming to take the choice with whom we will stand? If with God, we will have resurrection and forever will leave the cycle of death and Re-birth, or if we choose another way it is the death for the soul. What is the death for the soul? It is all, that we gathered during many life, when we lived in our planet, all this individual values will be burnt by the Gods ray and this is named, as second death. There is no another way. It is the evolution for the Universe and nobody cannot escape from it. Everybody, who will be resurrected into Human beings, everybody will start a new life in the new world with another quality. But that people, who cannot do this, they will have second death THE DEATH OF SOUL. IT IS TRUTH! Think about it strong! Only that people who live and fulfil the law of Universe, will be able to go in that new World.

Now, everybody must fulfill only ONE LAW. Look at the Sun it shines and gives out warmth not for itself, it does this for all other planets. All its Power it directs out from itself, likewise such law works in Atom, such Law works amongst people. If anybody in the Universe begins to take power of God only for themselves, it will bring death and will destroy everybody and everything. And today is the time of choice how are we going to live?

We came to this Earth, so that we can give our power, energy, and Love to different people, but not to take for ourselves. THINK AND DECIDE!

The life of our soul is in our hands.

It is the Judgement of God, it is the grace of God, it is the Love of God.

Now all Russia has the possibility of reading the Vedas, Upanisads, Bhagavat Gitq, Ramayana, Quran, Bible etc. and sacred scriptures and books of great philosophers of India.

And for us India is a day-dream for God. And in my first coming I thought so. I know in Russia, many people knows that our people, Russians and Indians, many thousand years ago were as One people and One nation. These people had one language and these people were called as THE SONS OF GOD. And if you begin to study the Russian language, you can in the first sight feel its resemblance with Sanskrit. In the begining was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.- John Bible.

Today the power of the Word is lost and even the Great man is not having that Power in MANTRAS, which had that community people ARYANS who lived many thousand years ago. In this period something happened on Earth and that is the big flood and due to this, the people were divided into two parts, one part of this people is now living in India, and the second part in Russia.

In March 1996, all India have looked at the Comet, about this Comet, that came near the Earth, many astronomers dont know about this Comet beforehand, but this Comet appeared, also this Comet came 10.000 years ago, when this big flood happened.

REALLY, ASK YOURSELF, isnt it speaking for us something? THINK and you can foresee and understand!

And I want to speak about me Russia and my India by the language of Poems. So was: it was long ago, when the SONS OF GOD lived on this Earth, but now, how is it, where are these people? Have they vanished from the face of the Earth?

The Gift that is given at the
wrong place and time and to
unworthy persons without
regard and disdainfully."-
Thus spoke SRI KRISHNA.


Our life will break the Chains
of the death, and the Evil,

OH, the snow-white swans,
You are my free-wings sisters and brothers,
How happened so, that you
Flew in different sides.
I so love you, my nice and dear swans,
It was so long ago, you have been swimming
In the Heavens, which are wide and deep,
You have been weaving the undiscovered mace,
I know, that you were known to the testamentary mystery.
How can the Mystery be of the Announcement?
Certainly, I tell you this very clearly and without grief
I open for THOU
It is the Unity of my India and my Russia,
It may be so, that India and Russia
Are two beautiful shores,
Two shores of that one River,
It may be so, that it is as two rings,
Two rings, that were with the same one HAND ONCE.
The snow-white swans
You, how are the vertical shores,
You will weave the little Heavens bridges
OH, my nice snow-white swans,
Be that only you know the Mystery,
Wonderful, writing nowhere and never,
The Mystery, which hands over from the heart to the heart
It is the Mystery about that,
There is only one Fatherland,
And the Fatherland of Soul have
The twins Motherland

When Violence and injustice arises in this Earth
I will manifest in this Earth justice and I will,
come to save the Dharma to Arise & Awake
Sri Krishna.

For Russians and for me, after reading in the books about India the greatest Sons of Indian people, it is ideal Souls of purity, honesty and having Gods Qualities. It is a DAY-DREAM for the Mankind.

So I thought before !

And what happened with me?! I want to speak for Indian people by the way of my poems it is my big cry about the people in India and about India how the Day-Dream of Mankind was broken here.


Listen me! It is the crying about you, your sister Russian lady Maria is calling you :


This is my cry, it is the search for the SONS OF GOD.

Is it really true that they were dead? Everybody died? Before the poem, I want to tell you about the dream:

When I arrived the second time in India, I had a dream. Now I understood what it meant. In this dream, somebody kidnapped me and put me in a rail- way carriage; it has no doors and windows. And later on somebody released me, when I came out, I saw myself in Wonderland. At first I was very happy, that appeared in this Wonderland. But after sometime I saw, that all people in this Wonderland are very Ugly, with miserable Soul and all people cheat each other without any reason and praying only for money. They were so avidly, that they were forgotten about relationship, and for money they can do anything. If one brother has more money other relations hate him and always think how it is to avenge him. They are very jealous and I was for this ugly people, so beautiful, their jealousy was for myself so little were this people for me in comparison to Lilliputs or to ants. In seeing their life, I was surprised, how strange were these people, why are they living in this Earth, they did think they ate, slept, bore children, cooked food etc., for myself it was so: terrible and absurd life, it was life in utter darkness, and ignorance, that I woot and in my heart showered pity for this wonderland people, that I decided to help them and spoke to them about life. Life with God of Truth and Light But they did listen me and laugh at me and absently shaking their heads and with them in a while I got very tired. Then I listened the voice of God: Answer me, Maria, do you want to stay here or you want to go home. I answered I want to be here and help these people.

And I listened the reply of Gods voice if you live here you will get old very fast so you may leave this place I decided if it is so, let me be old for I pitied these people more then myself and I answered God: I decided exactly that I will live with these people and I will dedicate my life for this ugly people,

And then I awoke.
In my first Advent in India I slept. Now I AWOKE.
What did I see, what I felt?
OH, my God, how much pain
Thou Love is bringing me,
Thou nearness is opening my eyes by myself,
It is inside sight.
And what did I see?!
That, that was above and
It spoke about the own holy
By means of own views and of the movement of souls,
All this appeared dirty and useless rubbish.
I thought, that it is the light, but it is dirty.
How thich is it! And it is sparkling
And the light is going from this darkness
But it isnt the light at all,
And that is the imitation only.
Behold, I see your shadow,
OH, my God, here in this Earth.
But if there is shadow,
That it is meaning, here are Thou.
But where is your face again
And I so Love you, I kiss your Shadow,
And now I am waiting you,
After your shadow you will be coming,
I believe, I hope.
My Russia and my India Are you resemblance?
OH, my India, How it could happen,
You so gave voluntarily and lightly
Your soul is another, God and now
It is sitting in alter of your heart
But, it is not the God of Love, but the God of Destruction
And the Shadow is sitting and Governing
And the name of this darkness is money,
For this money it is standing
And smiling that Ominous
Whom you begot by yourself.
It is the dragon of the avarice with the seven heads,
The seven defects are governing in yourself
And these defects are killing the souls.
OH, India, you are my Love how can you
So simply sell God, soul and the Truth.
You sold yourself for the miserable Money
Remember, what you are doing, it is your rain
Everyday you are bringing more and more to the soul
To drown the sacrifice and
You are spoiling the world of people
Once I saw a movie about one of the daughter of God,
Shi was like a white crow amidst the black crows
And I cried together with my gods sister
How terrible and long-suffering her life was
But, I saw in the heart of this daughter of God
Is burning the spirit of God, spirit of Freedom
My God spoke to me, that all people
Who have this spirit, will be chosen and tortured
But who can endure this till the end
Will this be to gain a big victory
And I felt happy, for seeing how
My darling Sister Poolan Devi has got victory
And stands as a Minister in India
And also produced a movie about her life,
But all men, who saw this movie
All men of the World must kneel
And must repent before the women of the world.
Always men will torture and kill the women
For the world is such terrible now.
OH, if all men Will understand that spirit of God
Is Love, and Patience
This LOVE and PATIENCE are with all women
For they are born in the world without Protection
And always women only gives,
Men always take
Women and Earth are common and unite
Men were the force working on the Earth as well as on the women
OH, my sister Poolan Devi I am a Russian Lady
But how it has resemblance our life and our fortune!
How I understand you and your life
We both are common and unite
I and you are that one Chain and I know
Your name shines in Heaven and
You will soon go in Eternity.
Create in this Earth the Truth, be happy!
How I can diminish my pain and my bitter
How terrible it is to see that India betrayed God
Till 100 years ago, you were a firm
I can lose, and you can give life
But the God didnt give
You are holding the God in your heart
In your alter is the light of Holy fire
And this Light illuminates the Eternity
I was by the stars of pure Truth and the Love of God
But what happened with you?
That who are coming to your light
They dont know that you are dead
And this Light goes on to shine for the people
When anybody dies, the stars are disappearing in Eternity
Because they fall and are burnt
The people see the Light of the stars for many-many years
But already it isnt alive but dead
So it happened with you, you are a star,
You lit everybody
You loved the God in soul and
It honoured him in Culture and Ceremonies
So you expressed your Love
Today you killed the God in yourself
And only Ceremonies lives
How it reminds the memory about the alive God
That were dead now,
Who can help to revolt for you from dead?
Who? I cry, let cry
Cry of women, who came
From the East and West
Let the Eternity listen to my cry
I beseech all God!
Listen to my cry
It is the cry of a Russian Women!
OH, my sister, OH my India where are your Sons!
Where are your Knights that can understand you?
Are you listening me, OH my India
Today I, how the Soothsayer and the witness of your life
I am crying about you,
Arise and listen to my cry
Regenerate, I dont want to see your corpse,
Which liberates the eagles
I feel the smell of the decay
I beheld the corpse with the imitate smile and empty eyes
This eyes with-out thoughts are waiting for remuneration
They gave the Spirit of your soul
For the empty paper, that has the name Money
They forgot about their own gods love
Behold, the Gods are crying
Sri Krishna is crying
Siva is mourning because
Behold, they are holding the big load of falsehood and deceit
In heaven the Stars of David is sparkling
And the Comet is cruising over the Earth
This Comet is sending the message SOS
It is calling: OH the Earth, oh my people
Where are you?
Why dont I see you?
I hear the cry of Eternity about you:
OH, the Sons of India!
Indeed it is the Earth bearings theirs now?!
Indeed is it the great sins of the people?!
OH, Stars Country! You sparkled
With the diamonds in the high places of heavens
Now I see only the stench and the paste of yellow dirty!
Who can resurrect you?!
I am searching through the day and night
I hallow your belly
And I look for the Heroes and heroines
Who will hate money and its desire
Who will open for the people
That who takes the bribes
That it is not money, it is the blood with the wet mixed
It is the blood of our brothers, sisters and mothers
Whose blood you are drinking
Ask yourself today!
Allow me, OH my sister to tell you all the Truth.
Will you listen to the call of the Russian Women?
Russia and India are one people, one Nation
One masterpiece of God
It is the Lock and Key, but the door is one only
By this door, there is a staircase
It is standing and waiting when?
The Sons and the daughters can rise up to the heaven
Because this heaven belongs to the father of Spirit
Treasures are waiting for them
Who are you?
I have the blending of many bloods from the East and West
My name is Maria, Maithriya and Hope
I am carrying the pain of all countries
And I let in from the hearts of the dirty people
I am not afraid of this dirty that is in India, Russia
But my heart is mourning for
The dirty that is in the souls
I see India which is standing with the extend hand
And in this hand burns the fire
It is the fire of the dragon of money
This fire is transforming the soul of the people into stones
I see how many stones, and suddenly
It swallows the whole country together with the people
And only the water and the mountain remains
OH my God! How sorrowful it is?
OH, India your face averted from your own God and
I see the mask of the fabrication
I see the smile of the dummy
I see the family that was once
The Creation of God,
But now they are like the decayed fruits
Inside it is decayed, but outside it seems to us
That this fruits are pretty good
Inside there are many worms
And there isnt the core
Because it ate, the worms of envy and of arrogance
And I see only the elusion of the family
But our thoughts are eating each others
This is only the beginning of the decaying corpse
Still dont you feel the poison or the ominous incentive
But in future I see, how it will kill
Yourself, so be that of the life in God
And you will know the life is new with another beginning
OH, India I am your sister
I am Russian, I saw the destruction and your death
Your sister calls all alive people on the deed
On the deed in the name of the undying Life in the God
ARISE from the dead corpse and
Inflame with the fire of Love
The pride of towns isnt your lots of
Civilisation and the escorts of things
It will not bring you the happiness
Ask thyself who are thou?!
What do you want, where are you going?
What do you see in future?
I will be waiting you, when I can see you
OH, my India is undergoing Resurrection
Your sister Maria with Love and Hope.

Author: Maria Karpinskaya. 1996.

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