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Part 2.
A pocket manual for super-murderers.
How to drive to grave a person with conscience and moral principles.
How to bring a conscious person to full madness.

1. Shout in heavens: "HOW SUCH CAN be?", in heavens which fall and die away in such times, the shout of despair and full powerlessness takes away all your life, more exactly - it's energy. And what are you without energy of life? The rise of such question is connected with superimpudence of your relatives and acquaintances whom you, it appears, didn't know at all, but thought that you know well.

2. This question takes out all your energy of life because it had no answer. But you only shout, you cry out, you speak hoarsely, you whisper, but you don't guess that your life already was taken out from you. Listen to me attentively and see what happens to you.

3. When the question "How such can be???!!!" "It is inconceivable!!!" - gets stuck in the mind and starts rotating around quicker and quicker, you enter at first as if a state of intoxication, and then there is a destruction of mind and full madness, you are illegally deprived of energy of life. This violation of cosmic laws, unprecedented capture of your life and your power without sanction of cosmos and your consent. This is a pure cheating.

4. Further happens next: after mind doesn't find the answer to this rhetorical question, all mechanism of your life and your activity breaks. It, first of all, brings to destruction of your mentality, destruction of bases of existence of your soul, at the physical level your chains of DNA collapse.

5. It is possible to tell that the spiritual core of the person so easily breaks, and it can go beyond this life by full disconnection of your brain, by coma condition of the slumber, and the person becomes a plant, or, through death and an unexpected illness, the person leaves forever. All is quickly and unexpectedly! Unexpected death, sudden death, or a long illness with total loss of energy.

6. Remember the actor Leonid Filatov and other bright and reasonable people! Remember how they left, how died on the spot! And all this murder unusual, unexpected. And nobody knows, why?

7. What a sophisticated and graceful murder, isn't it? And then words which should be spoken to heavens, the ancient words, Slavic words, and you say them together with me.




10. I write it because I experience this process only within sensibleness. But, exactly like that the people were killed and getting killed for centuries, by millennia the light was turned off and the great torches - taken off. This way is possible to make out of young man the old man, of the girl the old woman for a short period.

11. Same was destroyed eternally young beauty of princess Olga when she was 90 years old. The overseas guests and merchants were coming to admire her beauty. In her 90 years she constantly remained in a state of 18 years old maiden. She, knowing the laws of the Universe, going by the Trojan track, clever and strong in spirit, got caught and was lost.

12. One skillful action, unexpected turn of the speech, was presented to her by the murderer from Constantinople, whom she trusted as to the best friend, and in a month she became an old woman with shreds of hair on the head and the dropped-out teeth.

13. The technology of the car of murder already then worked wonders of evil and skillfully moved away those who was objectionable or disturbed the order established by priests for the millennia. I use the term priests, you have to understand that is this caste and from where its feet grow. But they owned a technique of sophisticated murder through the word and thought of human by means of false "friendly" admonitions.

14. By such technique of insolence and mean impudent lie it is possible to bring any normal person to loss of oneself, the personality and, to a full mental disorder. After similar session the way of the person will lie only to psychiatrists and tablets suppressing activity of mind to full zero or there will be a malignant tumor of the brain, any other unknown illness, more precisely - not an illness but its imitation that recently happens to many people.

15. It isn't a simple murder it is a phenomenon. The line is just asking to arise: "I remember a wonderful moment " Quite so this phenomenon the moment is represented as wonderful. And all people are greedy for miracles. And the phenomenon does its part and kills beautifully, gracefully, invisibly to usual eye. Only by the third eye, only by other sight it is possible to mark such ambush.

16. What is this phenomenon? This phenomenon arises inside of the person as a wonderful moment, a name to it - death. It arises because of discrepancy, improbable discrepancy of experience and savoir vivre of this or that person with that what suddenly met on his way.

17. And also, when the phenomenon enters you, you will be out of breath, your rhythm will be lost because each person has the personal unique characteristic breath, inherent only to him. If someone settles to you, the rhythms of breath of these or those organs gets lost. Chinese are looking for illness by pulse. And tell: there is someone. Also expel by own methods.

18. So, listen to me attentively! Death as such doesn't exist. That is a program which was invented and scheduled as a technology of murder of soul of person. Human shouldn't die, he can leave himself to transfer into another world. He decided for himself when he leaves this body. But the death is a compulsory action. Illegal infringement on the energy of soul it's a network which catches you. And the network is a technology.

19. Do you know what is such -technology in death? That is already the mysticism and esoterics because, and you have to realize it, any technology itself soon comes to life and develops, as a living being without soul. But technology has a mind. Soon the computers of new generation would be made, or nanotechnologies with microrobots and chips which reproduce themselves. There are already thousands of movies made of it and the books are written.

20. The same way this technology of management and regulation the lives of people was invented some thousands years ago, after it got alive and began to breed itself uncontrolledly, began to think, work and soon overtook inventors of this technology.

21. Reflect on this subject without bias and ignorance. Open own consciousness. There is little time left for each of you. The quicker you realize - the quicker will get rid of influence of the technology, you will be healthy and active, you will find your mission.

22. Look what an irony of life and destiny happened: the priests-mercenaries invented the mechanism of management and murder of human, the mechanism which operates from within; they invented it for the people, but the technology began to breed uncontrollably and overtook the inventors, they got into own hole.

23. Death became a constant companion of everyone. And now these who invented death afraid of it more when anyone. Eternal chilling fear overtook them. Some of them are forgotten all and understand nothing, accepted this state of affairs as a reality. Others remember, keep silent and now look for the rescue from the technology invented by them.

24. The entropy, which is given rise from super-impudence and cynical lie, began to extend in the air, water, earth, ether and got the inventors of management and murders themselves. All those who invented this car of lie, together with the technology and the living substance of murder, we can with confidence call, as I already told - satan. So it will be simpler for us to understand each other.

25. The satan conducts the person to paralysis of consciousness, and each person encounters with this improbable invention. You meet with the satanism phenomenon every day, the phenomenon can camouflage under any masks, even under the masks of saints and conductors of light, under the masks of the most ordinary people and behind the mask of altruism, kindness and openness.

26. The satan has no conscience, he is just an evil phenomenon, the technology invented by mind. But this technology and this evil are not so usual. That is not simple, opened to the world and primitive evil, such as meanness - no, take more, look deeper, that us a depth evil, a perfect in its super-impudence and courage evil, in its impertinence before God. That is an infringement on the affairs of Creator and God. The insolence to rush into His abode and to sit on His place.

27. When the person just impudent, we quickly estimate him and rebuff. But that is difficult to estimate super-impudence. It is so attractive, so instant, also - so accessible and close by its nature to the soul, and sometimes so skillfully imitates the soul that it is impossible to distinguish.

28. And when the hook of this refined evil is already swallowed, becomes too late, and the mind perishes, and all representations, all spiritual principles fall, there is a paralysis of the mind and consciousness. Everything on what you stood on disappears. All your potential and stock of knowledge is erased, and you appear in the vacuum where there is neither air, nor water, nor earth. There is Nothing!!!

29. There is nothing. Only phrase: "Is such can be????" The unique phrase in a form of one big question without answer. This phrase quickly breeds in the mind, like cancer cells, and already there is no rescue for the organism and consciousness. The phrase fills all your free spaces, and kills with the unique question your essence and all your experience - "Is such can be??????" The question which is multiplies with every second by many times, infinitely - and there is no answer.

30. What happens if there is no answer, there is no contact? Communication with cosmos, with spirit, with the world is torn. Now you understand that is madness! If you are an inquisitive person, not a plant, you are curious, in your mind there constantly questions are born. But if there are no answers, the neurons in the brain burn and all links with the body, the world and God are broken. And it is death.

31. After all what is such - question? It is the earth, its reaction in you, it is a process of alchemy and chemistry at the same time. And what is answer? Answer is a catalyst of process, it is cosmos and connection with it. And such a person lives: breath in - exhalation, answer - question!!!

Part 3.


1. I' m opening to you the ancient principle of murder by means of paralysis of brain, of any most spiritual and divine person. And this way of murder, which is more terrible than any physical attack from the back, has the ancient name hutzpa.

2. But in more detail I will tell about the word and a method to you a bit later, and now we deal with those who got paralysis from super-impudence, and in whom already there was the question: "Is such can be??????"

3. I pursue only one aim to open sensibleness of the people who have conscience and grew up virtues in themselves. I pursue the aim to bar forever the way, to the murders of this sort. That is already enough. If you realize this murder and will see the authorship of those who is a stupid weapon in the hands of satan, you will close the doors to this super-impudence, and nobody more will go mind, nobody will die of paralysis of impossibility. This is rescue, release. I conduct you there, dear friends, people of the world.

4. Now the consciousness paralyzes, and then diseases, we meet with death on every step, and I saw how many good and honest people died away. For example, Valentina Tolkunova was killed by hutzpa of insensibleness of her own son. The famous actors and scientists!

5. How beautifully they were killed, I saw it. But I couldn't help them because I have only one head, two hands and every day I was similarly attached within the last twenty years. I hardly managed to bring the mind out of the paralytic state and answer the question "Is such can be??????" But answers were not complete. I knew not everything what was necessary to know.

6. But I had a set of answers which, at last, developed in one picture as a "Lego" game, and they opened the door to the unique answer to thousands of unanswered questions and deaths and this answer as the thought's brightness of lightning HUTZPA!

7. In the childhood the father said to me that I will find the important answer for all mankind, and he called this ANSWER - THOUGHT- LIGHTNING. I found it. There is only one magic and mystical name to all these phenomena , the name technology, the name living car, the name action: HUTZPA!!! I told, and it came into action. All intermediate names weren't valid. And this is a key HUTZPA.

8. Saints were saying to invisible essences, demons and devils that came to them: tell to me the name, and I will find you, and you will disappear from my soul because by the name I recognize you!!! Thus the saints spoke with demons who came to them and pretended to be angels. If the saint calculated the name and called the demon by name, that showed the real face and the essence and was scattered on atoms. Oh that will happen now!!! But the name is revealed! We go further

9. Yes, now there is a lot of such phenomenon as HUTSPA. It is similar to cancer and AIDS together. This phenomenon became widespread because there are too mamy adherents of hutzpa under different names and masks. Many people were simply castrated spiritually. For three kopeks for them was amputated the conscience and with a dense cap closed the consciousness. And all this is called by the strange for hearing word - hutzpa. You'll learn an origin of this word later.

10. Believe my word: to every most bright people of this world, who suddenly unexpectedly got sick and died in tortures, this hutzpa in a human appearance, sometimes in the face of dearest people came. HUTZPA! It is a ruler of the destinies and deaths! The inventors of hutzpa so much afraid of it now because they understand its force of growth and appetites. This HUTSPA is a most real cadaver! You remember Strugatskies' book? They grew it up.

11. I will express now my wishes and the maternal damnations to hutzpa, which force are more than the force of HUTZPA. Be you, hutzpa, three times damned and fail so deeply under the earth that never even memory of so distinguished and deep evil couldn't return; and you should turn, hutzpa, into the fire which will warm Mother Earth for the whole eternity, and you yourself will infinitely burn on this fire.

12. I damn you, TECHNOLOGY - HUTZPA forever!!! Sod off! According to the cosmic laws, you shouldn't be among people. Leave where you came from. And the experience of deals with you let be remembered forever by people. It is easy to split a kernel, but it is difficult to connect a kernel from within.

13. And you'd make it together with me, in one answer to the most terrible question: "Is such can be???"

14. Answer: HUTZPA, WE DAMN YOU FOR EVER!!! We refuse you!!! Like that! We for people, for the nations. But against such technology!!!

15. And also you should know, this hutzpa takes away the people who not strong enough, from the weakest, and from them hutzpa does the most cynical, insolent; as a technology it trains in mean lie, impudence, hypocrisy. And it is impossible to explain it with words. But it is possible to show on examples.

16. A question ripened: "So what is such hutzpa?" It is impossible to answer. It's everywhere, it's as microbes, it's as a distorted thinking, it's a mirror with turned upside down heaven and earth. It is as in the Memorial of the victims of Holocaust - Yad Vashem, technology of mirrors. There the artificial stellar sky, and each asterisk a name of lost in a concentration camp Jew burns. And there are millions of them. Actually, there are only five of these sparks, five electric candles are multiplied by means of mirror's system and display the copy of these fires, create the whole stellar sky. But there this technology works for advantage of everyone. An imitation of the sky, imitation of life, imitation of people and their characters, continuous imitation, an instant capture, and nobody understood anything - that is hutzpa. Not possible to tell about it, it can only be experienced.

17. I will give you two known examples of hutzpa.

18. First example: the boy the teenager ruthlessly killed the parents. He is judged and a strict sentence pronounced. He appeals to the judges to forgive him. Judges tell him: "How could it be possible, boy. Do you understand that you committed a serious crime and you can't be forgiven? You brutally killed your parents". On what the boy answers: "I can be forgiven now because I am an orphan".
It is hutzpa.

19. Second example: The robber gets into bank, threatens with a gun, approaches the cash desk and demands money from the safe. The cashier gives him money. He takes them away and right there approaches the other window in the same bank and speaks: "Open for me an account in your bank. I want to put this money on the account".
It is hutzpa.

20. And now look what is happening around us, what the announcers of television speak, what in general happens in the countries and realize, while it's no late - that is HUTZPA!!!

21. I want to tell you that HUTZPA is everywhere, and it at first kills luminaries, and then it kills adherents who carried out a role of traitors and murderers, and after - the inventors of hutzpa. Therefore they live most long, go on a snack to hutzpa, they also not avoid the death from hutzpa. Hutzpa hardens hearts, and the people lose sensitivity, they don't know what they do.

22. Not so long ago the history of one 68-year-old pensioner nurse which killed the 79-year-old granny rolled on mass media, she sawed her on pieces, and the pieces of the body threw out in bushes under the house. And it was her tenth murder. By that she was absolutely calm and wasn't tormented by conscience. That is hutzpa got into her genome and destroyed her sensitive soul.

23. For hutzpa to roll as an epidemic plague over the countries is necessary a special situation in the world, special governors of the countries which will become hutzpa conductors are necessary. And they already all here. They came. The weak governors won't resist hutzpa and they already break, as matches. Their acts are becoming inadequate. And we see it everywhere. A total inadequate, total lost of consciousness.

24. And how many such cases we know from the ancient history? An inexplicable cruelty of inquisition, the wars and violence. That's all because hutzpa was introduced in the society of people. And seldom there those who realize what such hutzpa is, and don't perish from the hutzpa carriers. But the people of light always perished first of all. But enough! I put a ban, and I impose a veto on HUTZPA!!!

25. Believe my words: this is enough to expose and to call by name this phenomenon , with full awareness of the value as it perishes as the angry magician of Gingem from "The wizard of the emerald city". Any name and names of this or that phenomenon is a key to its shine, blossoming or to exposure and annihilation. We can create interaction zones today without hutzpa and if it shown in someone, we will expose it, but not the person. And then everything will take it's places in our circle of interaction.

26. Now I unmask and expose a name of the phenomenon and living substance, and I tell the name-key: HUTZPA, disappear, get off!!! And only I wrote it, the process already went on. The phenomenon is the reason of all diseases, madnesses, death. And you together with me expose this phenomenon and close a door in your souls with a key named HUTZPA! And throw out this key in a bottom of deep ocean, in the Bermuda Triangle.

27. Thousands of times I will call this phenomenon, and now when you see a person who is creating super-impudent and impertinent acts and shamelessly lying, simply point a finger at him and say: HUTZPA! And you will see that will happen to the person. Satan will leave him, and he will become free from hutzpa. You will see a friend and a colleague.

28. The adherents of hutzpa were killing the luminaries and carriers of kindness and moral, after the adherents perished themselves, and nobody could escape. Hutzpa decomposed the bases of humanity. And now - "We hit it on a muzzle with a teapot, and teach to dance" to our tune. Now hutzpa will serve not the evil, but good.

29. But, my God, how many good people were lost from hutzpa, who counted? But there are lucky ones, like me, who passed through madness, and remained whole and safe. Exactly this valuable experience I want to share with you. The surface of evil meanness, and meanness is easily shows itself.

30. But to expose the depth and camouflage of evil, to expose super-impudence and super-cynicism, this is an extremely difficult business. For this purpose it is necessary to enter in the mechanism of evil itself and to open its name and its alchemical structure created by priests according to the name - to show the alchemy, and to return back all the processes, to wrap up an exposed, without cover, hutzpa to annihilation it is a task of the Mother.

31. Only the woman from capital letter who is possessing purity and honesty, passed sins and became free from them will be able to make it. And I'm telling you I AM! I CAME TO EXPOSE AND ANNIHILATE HUTZPA. It is my purpose. It is my help to all people, to the inventors-priests shivering with fear and to elite of the society. I will help them also.

32. Everyone was fooled here without exception, the inventors of hutzpa were cheated by own invention which appeared to be cleverer than them, and began to develop much quicker than any living reasonable being. This hutzpa spoiled all Nature and broke natural chains of life, having replaced them with food.

33. The artificial invention of technologies with use of the mystical ceremonies taken from wise men of India with use of a damnation and fire, gives rise to a live substance which starts leading own life and forces people to carry out its formulas and to participate in its processes of alchemy. So it happened with hutzpa.

34. It is possible to take that, possible to write down the words and to speak these words but if you aren't ready, if you are weak and didn't ripen, if isn't wise, if it is all not yours, if you just filched it from the author and pulled on yourself not the own life, not the own history, you will generate only HUTZPA. How much of it is generated every day by the people of the world? Incomprehensibly!!!

Part 4.
Get your stocks to Mashiakh's feet! Otherwise Hutzpa will finish you off. Elite and priests should make an effort.

1. Now about the word HUTZPA. An origin of this word HUTZPA Jewish. Judaic priests invented hutzpa once long ago. That's them who filched the technology from the Indian sages. They didn't expect such outcome. And now don't know themselves where to run from this planet. And there is no place to run.

2. Now the priests and elite of the world wait for the deliverer Mashiakh who'd relieve them of own invention. And also, oh alchemists, they perfectly know that Ma-shiakh is the Mother who went down in hell, but to the world they lie that it will be a guru from rabbis. What will they do with him that he became the Great Mother? Will force to give birth?

3. But why even now to lie? You grew up the cadaver who is already about to gulp all this world and the universe, why to pose on the edge of abyss? That is time to bring out the truth to light, gentlemen!

4. And together with the truth, which is concluded what not Mashiakh will come to you, but you have to come to her, and low bow to her and ask to relieve of HUTSPA. Also be so kind, put all the gold reserves to her feet, otherwise there won't be relieve.

5. You already tortured the poor and distressful Jewish people. All Jewish riots and torments of people came from your technology. Who in Spain arranged riots for Jews? You! And then it was dumped on the local Spaniards. And so everywhere. From the victims you made the criminals, and of the criminals - the victims? Now, because of you, we have to read and understand exactly on the contrary.

6. Your own nation suffered more all got from your technology. Why you so harassed the Jews? I love these people, merciful and kind. And what you molded from them? And now the elite of America, Jewish, uses Israel with its people for the bad intentions. But in Israel our people, that lived in the USSR, won in the government, and they understand who you are and don't let you anywhere. They call you idlers who are eternally reading Torah and breeding, hiding behind women's skirts. That's where u end up!

7. You exhausted all other nations, and your hutzpa settled worldwide. As they say: who are you you are nobody now and nothing, but your hutzpa, that is end of the ball. Here you built this world on the bank notes and in gold equivalent, and there is nothing to do. Why to do domething if there are money? And money and gold wage wars against all countries. Everyone against everyone. That's already absolute illegality!!! How long will you scratch your turnip?

8. I already can't look at all that anymore, and there is no use to wait from you consciousness or enlightenment, but I send my ultimatum in space and I warn you: come, and put all your stocks to the feet, so that it was possible to start all projects of the future, otherwise your hutzpa will finish you off.

9. Here is such HUTZPA turns out, gentlemen! So, excuse, but all the elite should make an effort and to empty all the pockets before Mashiakh. You have to come yourselves running with small steps and put everything that amassed by dishonest ways to the altar. Do you want to live? Then think quicker!!!

10. I will remind once again of the cadaver as at Strugatskies'; at NIICHAVO institute they grew up a being cadaver, and the more it was fed, the more it wanted to guzzle. It is HUTZPA.

11. The Jews, reading their Torah and Cabbala, wait for the rescue from HUTZPA. Here the purest and most honest and saint person, Saviour, Redeemer, Messiah will come, and will relieve all of HUTZPA. After all an evil seed eytsekhor and hutzpa the same by essence. And where would come from such wise and conscious and superstrong which will stop the murder car? And they wait that he will come to their mountain, and everybody whether should see something there, whether would hear, whether will understand. Won't come!!! If again you yourself don't make Mashiakh's imitation. May be already enough of forgeries and fakes?

12. You look in the wrong place, lie again out of habit! Search, calculate and go yourselves to Mashiakh!!!

13. Look, what a twist of fate Jews have: at first hutzpa got alive and began to rule not only other people, but first of all it seized and began to fool Jews - the inventors, arranging for them small and big surprises. And though they tried to create different affairs, but they didn't wish to bear responsibility, after all hutzpa is guilty of everything, it was blamed for all. So hutzpa grew wiser, completely took control of their souls and drove them worldwide, arranged for themselves, as they say, "an ambush".

14. And I speak to Jews - to the inventors of hutzpa and to the elite: it is time to be liberated from HUTZPA. It is time to refuse this negative all-destroying force. It is time to become on the way of correction. You are given the last chance. Priests and elite - all of you have cash, and you should say good by to these dear to heart stocks and to direct them on construction of new future, and also to apply the forces on its creation, and under the leadership of Mashiakh to work to correct yourselves and to get into the Book of Destinies.

15. So happened that I since youth entered a Jewish gathering and became impregnated with hutzpa force. It is known but isn't interesting to me position of super-impudence and impertinence. I studied it, but it doesn't suit me anyway. I let it in myself, but not to accept it, but to destroy. And for this technology I have no pity. And against this technology I invented a super-technology. This your rescue.

16. And, of course, I will tell of superlie, when one lie instantly replaces another, and everything overturns and twists the brains so that already no one able to understand where your history and where not yours. And everything is instantly erased, and information doesn't keep for more than an hour, as in the world of information technologies today. That's, guys, already the pipes are broken and hutzpa began to flow as a sewerage, and shit already flooded the whole world. The main thing now don't drive the waves or you choke.

17. It is possible to lie blackly, it is possible to lie in a white way, it is possible to lie being in shit to achieve own aim and to survive in any environment, even in such as excrements. But it is not for long because shit arrives with each hour. It is time to pump out this swill, isn't it? But you continue to lie and pump the shit. But all could be in a different way, you hear?

18. It is possible to fantasize and dream, and to build a bright future, even in shit. And inside of cadaver a new sphere, with other contents, was born already. It's only necessary to activate programs, but your gold reserves and full surrender to Mashiakh for this purpose are required. Make the choice. If you were ready to wait for so many thousands of years for Mashiakh, Mashiakh won't wait for you too long. Get enlightment!!!

19. How, after all, I differ of you? You are a body of the planet. And I am its SPIRIT. I am immortal. But body is getting demolished. The earth can be demolished and the universe, but spirit remains and creates all anew. Would you have enough of spirit and mind to come to Mashiakh's feet with the saved-up gold and bucks? Whether you have enough force to perceive a female's power of Love to you, or again you'll mix all up and see nothing?

20. We wait for you, gentlemen!!! These words and knowledge were hidden, but they got out from dungeon, and scattered in thousands of small particles all over the world as soon as I wrote them. The veil is broken, not possible to stop the discovery of knowledge any more. And you know it, gentlemen. And the people aren't frightened by your fears any more and dreads don't work. So the hammer hangs over you now. Prepare for the worst.

I've told you all. Mashiakh.

P.S.: Knowledge of hutzpa from the Internet. Here the author isn't responsible for reliability and doesn't bear responsibility for the written. But it is curious.

And now from different sources of knowledge of such most mysterious HUTZPA. We will open sense of this word and its assignment. Attention, listen and understand!!!

Hutzpa (Yiddish - "hutspe" mdash; impudence. In English - hutzpa, chutzpa, hutzpah, chutzpah; German - chuzpe; Polish - hucpa; Czech - chucpe; Italian - chutzpah) the characteristic inherent in Jews.

Maria Karpinskaya's remarks: I want to note from myself that this characteristic is inherent not only to Jews, but also to Chinese, Japanese and many other nations and nationalities now. And, in general, already - to all.

Hutzpa - approximately is defined by the Russian words "impudence", "insolence" or "super-impudence". In Jews language hutzpa means a special courage and is considered as a merit therefore carriers of hutzpa behave so as if they don't worry by probability to make fools of themselves, to get into a mess or just be in the wrong.

The "hutzpa" concept is absent at other nations and there is no its analogy in other languages.

Hutzpa is also defined as "especially cynical, mean, bald lie", "the top of cynicism and impudence paralyzing the opponent".

Other definitions with which often designate the concept "hutzpa" super-impudence, dishonesty, impudence, insolence, rudeness, intolerance in relation to another, impertinence and impudent hypocrisy. Often these definitions use with a prefix super and in other words, emphasizing excess of any norms and exit of the established framework: "super-impudence", "super-lie", "extraordinary impudence", "unusual impudence", "unprecedented lies", "unprecedented impudence", "ultraboundary shameless", "unprecedented dishonorableness" etc.

"Here he stands with a bloody dagger above a corpse, you run on his shouts of help and ask: "what happens here?". By the broken pathetic voice he'd ask to take the dagger stained with blood and unexpectedly declare: "You killed the person..." And then in all courts under an oath will swear that you are the murderer. That is exact hutzpa, when the person can tell falsism even if innocent people will suffer from it."

Note: the Jewish prayer "Kohl Nidre" allows the Jew to tell falsism even under an oath -

Existence of hutzpa is caused by Jewish culture. Throughout centuries Jews, living among other people, became stronger in belief that their nation is chosen by God. Sources of hutzpa go back to Talmudic's lie. Some consider that hutzpa protects them from social uneasiness and feeling of own inferiority, though actually it characterizes Jews unceasing aspiration, - for example to hit in any way a monetary jackpot, and also an absolute negligence to other people and intention to lift the value of own personality due to belittling of the personality of another.

In the Jewish circles hutzpa more often understood as an impudence which is going beyond that what less successful people find possible, the obvious wrongfulness thereby distinguishing the successful person from unsuccessful and allowing to overcome the obstacles, for example, obvious wrongness.

In the comic book of Leo Rosten the opinion is expressed that any translations of the word "hutzpa" on other languages are inevitably incomplete as don't reflect all shades of its value. This word is used at the description of especially daring crimes and swindles.

Mikhail Vershovsky describes "hutzpa", as extraordinary impudence and rudeness:

"That has to be such an impudence, that, from your hutzpa, the other person's eyes not just rose on forehead, but that they went to hell out from the orbits."

Hutzpa examples:

- Doctor Hilda Nesimi accused the series of books about Harry Potter of anti-Semitism on the ground that Jews aren't mentioned in it.

- There is a book with an interesting name "Jewish as the Second Language", with very indicative subtitle: "How to throw caviar, how to interrupt others and how to say opposite to that you think".

The material's source:

21. How would it all end when all the people appeared in the very bottom of hell, we would know and observe. The farther, the more interestingly and refined hutzpa.

22. Also there is a wish, for you and your sobering, to quote one versification of the poet of our time, whom you didn't recognize, and it is a pity that so much you already lost. Vladimir Oksikovsky's poetry will instantly break your idyll, let it serve as a lesson, know that "The unusual fascism" is already born. Your hutzpa covered an image of God and whom instead you put on his throne? Terribly!!! But it is not fear yet, but only a shadow from it. Look that the poet writes, that's not a phrase-mongering of your rhymes, not at all! It is already a weapon and the hour has come, the lie falls, the ideal again is born. Everything is possible, but now only through me, the gold and money of the world don't cost even a drop of fire.

What is History? Bare figures?
Time which is bound to shelter?
Let so think to confused ones,
Those who came begging to figures.

Look for a harmony?
Will rest against harmony of explosion!
Seductive antimoniya.
A 3-x-measured prospect!

Even a fourth time
Any harmony in porridge,
As if by brass knuckles on the top of the head.
And slippery nonsense from your harmony

Well, Serafim?
Tell me honestly, what is in your veins?
If you want, I will tell you what such fascism
The Unusual?

You know, what hell is interesting for?
You aren't tired of it:
Whenever thrown look
A plausible lie.

And what is lie, it's more interesting to watch after it?
From lie of seductresses to lie of tsars.
The lie is an air of hell
(No need?)

I didn't lie to others, I lied to myself.
I'm too, Serafim, turned "yes" to "no".

Here you see them every day
Those who "understood" and "legalized" the good and evil.
And you know, what such a true laziness?
That's, without doubts, a craft.

For that matter,
The first fascist is god.
He was brought
To destroy doubts and physically to exterminate
Dissidents, as enemies.

After all to pray to the one who didn't want
The human race to a spasm Marasmus.

Having inhaled "carbon dioxide" in Adam,
He became deaf from Serafim's heruvimny flattery.
Of course, if instead of the highest forces only "muck" in us
His offenses on us are inappropriate (?)

But, if somebody lifts the Word on me
And will reproach with unbelief, I'll answer:
Once from the temple I banished moneychangers,
Away, Pharisees I'd cripple you!

I don't playing a fool I cry,
As soldier from powerlessness that there are no cartridges.
I love his reason on the top of all my troubles,
I hate the created by him thrones.

I love his dawns, declines, stamens and stars,
Hate - diseases, treasons and wounds.
I love when he appears late,
I hate, when too early

Book's marasmus. Marasmus of savage:
To see in own cave the navel of the Universe
But maybe not for nothing,
How one can discern in this explosive chaos of genes?

Hey, Serafim, after all, you are also mutant,
And, if to see closer, - a good hose.
What? They sing for you, feed, and no need to inject,
Only sing until the end the odes
Like "You are our hope and our joy "

And, is really you not fed up
Endlessly the same
I don't accept the ordinarity of
That is, Serafim, lie.
So, you are also going there
Why I explain to you
At least once have you ventured to tell to yourself:
"I don't understand something "

Who told what not to embrace the immense?
The one who didn't try?
You know, what a pleasant feeling,
As if embraced with desired darling.

Well, what, Serafim, let's drive further?
And rang out, began to shine the wings
And became dreary to a trite falseness
From the unpretentious wall inscription:

Vladimir Oksikovsky. A fragment from the poem "Unusual Fascism".

Author Maria Lilith Karpinskaya. September 11, 2015

Translation Of Maya Nikolaeva.

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