Revelations of Lilit from 2.01.2010 THE ONE WHO CONVENES

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: 27, 2016 11:25 am     : Revelations of Lilit from 2.01.2010 THE ONE WHO CONVENES

Verses and prose
of Maria Karpinskaya

The one who convenes the Messiahs
Revelations of Lilit from 2.01.2010

Many Messiahs have come to the Earth to this period. Each of them has a task. And each of them feels this task. Each Messiah convenes round itself people. What does he wish to give to them? The Messiahs share everything that they have saved up for all time of the lives for the Earth and outside of the Earth.

Many Messiahs convenes people and operates their Souls. Gathering of Souls on all planets is proceeding. Already now to become clearly, who from the Messiahs the kind pastor, and who an Egyptian vulture or a wolf who is dressed in the sheep skin. Because, once there comes time of summarizing of activity of the all Messiahs - from psychologists to those who named himself the Messiah. On the result, on the yield it will be possible to teach the Messiahs, saviors, unitor, prophets, founders and creators.

And where we can taste these yields to tell, what they are good? All those who worked not for the sake of itself, but for the good of those people who collected, that who directed the efforts, the material and spiritual riches, he has grown the yield, which sweet in the soul.

Verses and prose of Maria Karpinskaya

The yields what designates a yields for gatherer? Certainly, it is qualities of he souls, which gatherer cultivated for that time while it had been gave from above possibility to convenes. And these qualities are signs of the person of the fourth measurement.

So, first of all, gatherer convened simple people through the pupils and followers, who have come to him. Those who were going to make any business, collected thyself, they collected the qualities of souls. Many people came to gatherer. They gave the good and the evil yield to gatherer. That people brought are there were their internal qualities of consciousness of the person or the third measurement which it is possible to name the person-animal, or qualities of angels, the first-rate qualities. Internal riches of these people were both the divine revelations, and thoughts of the low worlds all this quality the people are brought to gatherer. The Gatherer should do away all that is have a basis of the person-animal, and to develop in themselves qualities of the person of the fourth measurement - the person true. Gatherer should bring up for themselves the pupil who is similar to him. The purpose of this devoted disciple - to become the archiver of all new manifestations. The pupil puts a basis of the fifth measurement in his future. The gatherer should become the person of the fourth measurement. Such is a way of each gatherer who has chosen evolution of the soul. How many creation wreaths in these processes degraded, we will soon know.

When the pupil becomes equal to the teacher on the qualities of soul, only then it is possible to tell that the gatherer has carried out the problem in this embodiment. He has brought himself to perfection. He has found the one person to whom he can transfer all better qualities from himself and put a basis of the future. He has released people-animals and people-angels whom he collected round himself earlier. He has given them the doctrine, and then he has allowed them to go on their way. Thus, the gatherer does not leave debts after oneself. The gatherer has no karmic debts from other people who wished to redirect responsibility for the life to the gatherer. The gatherer creates to itself one devoted disciple with whom he can rise on new level of evolution.

It is the absolute sweet yield which has been grows up by the gatherer.

If the gatherer has be proved to be a vulture, a wolf in an initial sheep skin and has created to oneself slaves, and oneself became their mister his yields appear poisonous and bitter. In this case, he cannot pass to the following level of development under great universal laws. He remains together with the slaves at old level and he can fall together with them, even more then low level. Developments and movements from level to level in the natural world it is stretched for the millenniums. This process of evolution moves again from stones, to plants, to animals and further - to the person-animal.

My devoted disciple will present all qualities of the person-animal of the third measurement and the person of fair fourth measurement. You will see these qualities. You can mentally add define, what level you have?

Parameters for comparison of human qualities of the fourth and third measurements.

Why I write about it? Whether I can write by right about it? For me it is my level of evolution. And now one more veil Lilit for people opens. Her history is sad and great. The highest always is on service at the lowest. But those who used Lilit in the greedy purposes, they will never wish to recognize she is convenes the Messiahs. At first Lilit under a black veil appeared at gatherers and was in their service. After Lilit opened a true essence of the gatherer, Lilit left him. Lilit wandered on the Earth from one gatherer to another. Vultures and wolves in the sheep skin did not feel danger which proceeded from Lilit. They used virtues of Lilit with pleasure. Qualities of soul of Lilit registered in their spiritual genetics. Qualities of soul of Lilit conflicted to animal human nature of the third measurement.

There were various events. Lilit too it was madly difficult. Those who used her qualities in the purposes became her enemies and persecutors on thin plans. After all to strike down an animal, it was necessary to find out it. When the animal has been found out, it revived and strove to kill Lilit when an animal understood that Lilit cannot be with it nearby any more. For the gatherer there was a question: or to alter oneself, to transform oneself to the person of the fourth measurement, or to remove from own space of Lilit - energy of creativity-embodiment, and to remain in that niche which became convenient. The person, who has selected a way of the Messiah-gatherer, has received material benefits, an area, and a niche because of his favorite and responsibility for his choice.

And the majority of gatherers have chosen material welfare. Their yields for Lilit were bitter. But she tasted them; she happened is poisoned and was ill. Lilit went further, from the gatherer to the gatherer.

They directly came to Lilit, because anything without fire of Lilit does not become live, and all affairs will be dead both words will not revive, and actions remain not consecrated, and the gatherer it will be simple the machine which is writing down revelations.

But for all there is their time and their hour. At that time, while Lilit wandered from the house to the house, from the gatherer to the gatherer, she collected in herself those qualities which have been lost on the Earth, and each of gatherers had a splinter of one big picture of the world.

Also there were those who named oneself gatherers, and each of gatherers took its splinter. Qualities of the highest measurement were stored in its splinter - measurements of God. When qualities of God and Lilit have been divided by gatherers then God and Lilit have disappeared as complete embodiments, they appears themselves into the gatherers of the people.

Sooner or later, but once, Lilit has revived. Jews have anathematized Lilit, she has been slandered by people, and the people give her a name "mother of harm". Lilit, killed by gods of all grades and all colours, killed by those gatherers in this life, having revived, Lilit also has gone on the Earth to collect own qualities.

Lilit remembered only the blow put, which has been written down in her genetic spiritual memory. This blow was sent by gods to hide hope belief and love under eternal snow that Lilit could not be born again. But Lilit has not died. She has fallen in humiliation and prayer. She suffered from century to century and collected qualities of own wonderful soul by the slices.

Nobody knew that Lilit has been hidden under a black veil. The different nations give Lilit a different name. She was silent and went, collecting knowledge of the Teacher by the small splinters. This Teacher at old school, it only a pinch of salt and not more, but for it I of the half-world will give. These words were printed in her heart. From a life in a life she solved the problems assigned to her shoulders. Lilit went without call, without the notice.

All prophets were kept silent about she; nobody dared to concern veils of Lilit. She was silent, the pain silently suffered. She worked dripping with sweat and served those who had a knowledge splinter. The purpose one - to collect all together.

Gatherers did not see and did not know that does Lilit. They owned every an own splinter, and saw in this splinter only thyself.

She observed of all and collected a single picture of the world of their splinters and connected the best images in the heart.

Children of the White Jaguar condescend today to the Earth to help Lilit. Tribes of Majja name so of indigo children. It means that Lilit finishes the work on the Earth. She collected the yield not for herself, but for God.

Who of the gatherers remain near to Lilit? Where their yield with that they could become on a confession before her burning heart and before a burning look? Gatherers fear to meet heart fiery! They cannot come to a throne confessionary.

Now, when veils disappear and opens, her sight pierces the person. On a confession to Lilit those come who has grown up in himself a yield of the fair person, the person of the fourth measurement. The confession will give the chance to pass to the gatherer to new level.

Lilit is in expectation of gatherers. Who is ready to test himself? Who is ready to show an own yield and the qualities of the person?

Author: Maria Karpinskaya. 2.01.2010.
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