The History of Love To all Hearts storing Love, It is devot

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: 27, 2016 11:35 am     : The History of Love To all Hearts storing Love, It is devot

Verses and prose
of Maria Karpinskaya

The History of Love

To all Hearts storing Love,
It is devoted.

Verses and prose
I didnt count the wrinkles
On your lips
I didnt look for myself in
Your eyes
But I created you, as the woman
Who will be able to do undiscovered mystery.

He touched her hand and they touched Eternity.

She didnt understand this right away.

He had a sensation of this Power, in this Instant it happeneda meeting, full of Divine Sacrament a meeting of Man and Woman.

She didnt have a sensation, that during the joining of their Hands Eternity gently touched them. She didnt have a sensation of the touch of gently Eternity, because She was always herself Eternity, yet before, then he arose a Man.

Silence, pouring out a Light of Stars, was inside her.

Her Heart was filled by mild warmth of Night and clear sharpness of moon. Her eyes in youth emanated a pink Light of daybreak a reminder of the refinement of a puff of stars and a clearness of the outline of heaven but her Advent like a Conflagration was frightening by fire and smoke.

Pink tenderness of Her Heart She was embodying in her Children marvellous fruits of Her passionate Love.

Lord before Creation of World planted Love and She luxuriantly sprang by sweet sighs of Womans Heart.

After each sweet sigh bitter expiration was coming and loss bringing the Pain and silver over the pale pulsing vein of temples.

She had Energy and knowledge, to aspire all her being for search of the way to Light, every Loss was giving new Energy and was opening inside sight which was able to see Invisible. Every new Sigh of Heart was presenting the hearing which was able to listen to Inaudible.

She was sensitive and fantastic.

In the herself deepness of her soul Unquenchable passion of Love was burning and mighty wish to know God.

One Wiseman told that Angels weaves such a passion in women's Heart from the Vibrations of a Rainbow.

She didn't remember First Day but at the Seventh Day, at her Instant on the Heaven were three Rainbows and this was seen by every body:

People, Earth, Sky and Lord!

She exhaled fragrant of meadow flowers and her breath was bringing light movement for all Universe.

Often tears of grief were pouring on the Earth by floods of Life-giving waters.

Anger and Exactingness towards herself rang out by powerful thunders and shine, like knives blades in the darkness of great battle by rays of the lightings, which were carrying a Liberation and a Freshness of new purity.

Woman so loved Light that it cast a shadow on Her and She fell in Love to Shadow which was giving rise to cry yearning depression about Light.

When their hands had met in Woman?s heart?s a Confusion was settled. Her heart was burning like the sun in a Midday without a single cloud on the sky, over his head.

And Man couldn't find a shelter to escape this Power.

She was exhaling warmth and her Body was like hot sand on the Ocean's shore of Her soul.

Confusion was tormenting Her till Seventh Day.

He was like dust of ages under the feet of Eternity. She was leaving traces of Her Dawns on Him and every Her Sunset at Night she was Washing out His dust by tears from Her feet.

And Her Sunsets were transforming into His highs.

He was transforming into wet sand, suddenly sensed all her refinement and sad because of realizing the Loss. He was telling Her: you, like the sun and hot sand but I am wet glass. I am seeing many and few. She was consenting and believing her Words.

He didn't know, that He was seeing only Her. But two little birds which were presented to Him by Enchantress inclined their heads towards each other.

They were aware, that would happen in future. Her hot sigh was drying wet glass and it was transforming in hot sand and a whirlwind was moving into it, which it blows in deserts, where is no life, and always only Vacuum.

He was rising angrily till the Sky together with the Sand. This sand was hurting eyes, mouth and ears of Woman. She called Love that Pain, which He was giving Her and blind deaf, not daring to say a word, she was going through Darkness.

He was knocking Her down whirling Her on the same place and during under heaps of sands.

LOOSING, what he was searching, He was turning herself to the High becoming a chaos and filing the Universes, by powerful symphony of sounds of Ignorance and Search.

And then Lord was giving the shape of Earth to the spirit and was descending Him in desert to the place of burial.

Not knowing anything about Her He was shovelling the sand by bare hands, hurting his fingers to blood, being torturing by Her intense heat and suffering because of thirsty searching the origin of Life.

He was searching Her, She was searching the Light.

And She found Him in that small town, where he lived the Lord favoured Him with a Light.

The Woman fell in love with Him at once. And Lord want named Him as God?s Son.

But that Man even before their next Meeting had become husband and had given his heart to another Woman.

She found the Light, but Her Love remained unguenched.

And then She sacrificed the Love to the Light, which she loved more then Herself. Seeing purity of her heart and devotion to the truth Lord prepared and cleaned a vessel for Love.

In order to pour the Love in young Man?s heart, who was chosen as her vessel Heavens angels weaved the Rainbow for them and Love of Woman poured in the vessel three times, filling up Him to the brim.

And First Day became Seventh Day.

And a Man became Husband in this Day and Lord in his Creation linked his Spirit and Woman?s Soul.

The Divine miracle happened! The Heavens joined with Earth.

The heavens filled up with created joy and Lord?s Glory has beamed and new Star flared up in the Sky.

Her Sight leaded Him trough ages to Instant which the people call the meeting.

He touched Her hand and new Star flared up.

From now he will be remembering. The touch forever and be carrying him the Memory about it in to Eternity.

Author: Lilith

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