Was there a penny in the beginning?

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Verses and prose
of Maria Karpinskaya

Was there a penny in the beginning?

Exposing the Old Testament and the commandments of God.

Many of us were born in the USSR. We didn't read any religious books, but knew that any murderer would go to jail. Then the Soviet Union had collapsed - we have learned that there is a Christianity, and also various other religions. We learned that in Christianity, in the Old Testament, there are 10 commandments by which suppose to live every person on the planet.

Instead of the moral code of the builder of communism, we learned that there are 10 commandments of God, which is the code of Laws of God, and by reading these laws, each person takes on responsibility for committing a mortal sin. And what would happen in there, in the other world, of which we have learned from the sacred books, to those who violate these commandments no one knows and can not explain. But mortal sin - is the death penalty for the soul.

But I want to remind people of the ten commandments before to reflect on and analyze the world within and around us. So here they are, these 10 commandments:

1. I am the LORD your God. You shall have no other gods before Me.

2. You shall not make for yourself a carved image - any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.

4. Remember the Sabbath and respect it: work for six days, and the seventh day, Saturday, sanctify to the Lord thy God.

5. Honor your father and your mother, and it shall be well with you, and you would have long years of life on earth.

6. You shall not kill.

7. Do not commit adultery.

8. You shall not steal.

9. You shall not bear false witness against your friend.

10. You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's.

And just imagine for a moment: we lived and lived, as they say, without knowing grief; we did comply a moral code or may be not, but suddenly the country burst at the seams, and there comes an intruder, whose name is the LORD.

Moreover, the Lord appears as a completely unknown to us value. He comes to us from the Old Testament, which wrote some Hebrew prophets for the mankind. Ten Commandments were given to Moses and his people on Mount Sinai. Of course, we lived in the USSR and didn't go abroad, and never knew nothing about the mountain, nor about Israel. The story of Moses touched our moral and good souls, and we took this Lord on trust. Who is he, where he came from? No one explained. But such are the Russian people - they take all for granted.

The priests gave us an explanation for the New Testament. And what we learned from it that our Christian God is Jesus Christ and his Heavenly Father, about whom no one knows anything, but it is known that he himself didn't pity his son, and sent him to the cross. Strange thing is that he didn't bring to the cross himself, but the son.

There are many fathers today, who are ready for their own benefit to put their own son in jail and vice versa. And here too a strange story. If he would sent to the cross himself - would be possible to estimate the value of his achievement, but the son - turns out terrible.

You know, my son, here should be a suffering for the world, so, I sit at home, and you would go and lay your head for it, okay? If an earthly father would say so to his son - what would his mother say? And what would the mother do? She would call the father Herod and would go instead of the son to sacrifice, is that not so? But here the son dies, the heavenly father leaves him, doesn't safe, saying - that is necessity. And for some reason the heavenly father has no wife, it means that Christ does have no mother, and there is no one to intercede for him and no one to save him. For this story we'll be back to see its bones.

In the meantime, let's get back to a time when we opened the knowledge of Christ and his God Father. I remember the first obtained knowledge of the sufferings of Christ for all the people. And of course, being a nervous and compassionate people, we talked a lot about him and cried. Now I'm talking about women on whom hold all religions. Being lived in the USSR we learning about the sufferings of Christ, started to love him with all our heart, and we went to Jerusalem and to the places of his life and work. We understood his pain and his incredible penalty, which eyes of any mother couldn't bear, but which was taken with calm by the father of Christ, God, to whom all Christians pray.

I also many times went to Jerusalem and to the lake of Gennesaret, I went by all his steps. I also greatly touched by his life and his death that I still can not forget that paralysing and chilling story of the crucifixion of Christ, who was trying for people of Judah, but they paid him with black ingratitude for all his tries and brutally killed by crucifixion.

While the Heavenly Father quietly looked for the son to be crucified, and he didn't seem to find another way to teach the Jewish people. Although, even if to have an average mind of inventor, it is possible to come up with thousands of ways to teach people and avoid to send son for hellish pains. But the God, for some reason, did just that.

And Christians say that his deeds are inconceivable. And the God is so strange that even after 2000 years he never revealed the reasons for these deeds and keeps his people and his devotees in full darkness. Even in the KGB and CIA years pass, and all the secret things become apparent and secret documents open up to people, but there is still kept the same privacy and concealed from the people. How Come???

However, Christ was raised on a third day, according to the Scriptures, and soon went to heaven, but promised to return with punishment and as a judge, who will judge the living and the dead. So he been through such terrible tortures just to become a cruel judge that comes to strike people with sword? I can not believe that all this terrible story is like that. If Christ is so humane man and God, he could not withdraw from the Earth for 2000 years without clarifying the situation to the people, he wouldn't allow create a church where were burned in fires the best people and blood of innocent human flowed as a river.

That can be seen even without glasses that just like that endure, then rise again and disappear for millennia - that is quite unclear and not objective. To act such way could not a good God, but - an evil. Who, for example, suffered from people, after has cursed them for all the times and went about his business. But by the description Christ is not like that.

The church, which was created on his behalf, distinguished by its criminology and bloody human sacrifices. After the struggle for the power on the earth unleashed in the Catholic Church itself, and that also been accompanied by a shudders, struggles, betrayal and seas of human blood. Whole that church was built on blood, revenge, cupidity and greed. And it was divided in itself and a thousands of new branches had appeared from this church, with whese had to be waged a fight. Is that all the work of God and Christ? Or after the crucifixion all the people were left to fend for themselves? Only questions and no answers, is that not so?

Now by the Catholic Church is already published the information that a key role in the creation of the Church of Christ, more precisely, an organization in which people learn some knowledge, the key role played Mary Magdalene. And she, as a daughter of the High Priest of the educated family, was a producer of Christ, and she was trying to save him from the crucifixion, but failed.

In the homes of the wealthy women Mary Magdalene created a cells in which designated a role of women, its importance in society. And I feel that the worship in these cells was not to the Heavenly Father, but to the Mother Nature. To the Mother Goddess. And these houses were progressive and it is exactly there was originated a culture of communication, culture of life. But soon there came a representative from Rome, who called himself as Paul.

He was an ardent persecutor of Christians. Making the most simple conclusions, we understand that Paul was an employee of security service of the Roman Empire, so he had an access to the teachings of Christ. It was he who captured and killed Christians, these who had recorded conversations of Christ with people. And clearly, if he killed for communication with Christ, he read all these records and precisely knew them.

He was send to Judea, he tells to the Christ's followers a story about a Christophany, and that he suddenly changed, and now he himself became a fan of Christ. Well, what here to say? I'll tell by Stanislavsky - do not believe it! He was send to take this nascent movement in own hands, everything's clear.

The security servant, Paul, former Saul, creates a doctrine, where he speaks with words of Christ. And the other apostles have no such words. So he read the records that were taken away from the Christians and knew much more than the apostles? Undoubtedly.

And what happens then? He unites a men,disciples of Christ, and force out Mary Magdalene, who created this new formation. By a raider manner he just captures that Mary Magdalene made. He appropriates the work of others and other's merits.

Then they concoct the gospel, which shows Mary Magdalene as a prostitute, a slave of Christ, not the woman he loved, they press down all her people under themselves. Typical raiders. And then levies are started - these people take10% of total profits. And that is already a legalized racketeering. Now is understandable where the racket so popular in Russia after the collapse of the USSR came from.

And the money pours to Rome. And so they had everything in abundanse, they were our oligarchs. And they found another additional way to take away the people's tithes, which became the official tax and racketeering was legalized. Now the Vatican and the Catholic Church - the richest tycoon in the world. It can be put in the first lines of "Forbes" magazine, before of all Russian oligarchs. And all this was the Heavenly Father's plan. And I remembered the verses of one Russian prophet, to whom yet would refer all nations, but for now his poetry is known only to a small circle of people.

In the beginning there was a penny!
And why is for you the penny no good?
Then he created an idea,
And said that this is good,
Very good - money with idea,
Then he created a humans,
And settled them in his areas.
Then, because of the pennies, he even crucified the son.
Then he gave him a piece of own business.
Would you have brains to understand it clearly???

That's how getting drawn for me all plan of life on Earth of so-called heavenly Father. And he was able to succeed. The whole world is conquered and subordinated to racketeering and raider attacks. What's next? Where the world would go next according to Heavenly Father's plan? There still Christ suppose to come to strike everybody with fire and judge for violation of the commandments.

But the first commandment requires the love for our Heavenly Father, and you can not love anybody else: neither Mother Nature nor the bright sun or the fine moon, nothing and no one. And that is also confuses me. Unbelievable. How can one reject Mother Nature that feeds, waters, takes care of human, and love someone who only punishes and so cruel? That is not possible to be loved by force, but here even in love is only violence.

But I don't love violence and such a Father! And what, I should be killed for that? And that is why every person, who got disappointed, or realized that something is not right, goes in search of a long-forgotten and lost God, with whom soul can calm down and realization of truth and cause-effect relationships, and knowing the true God and mentor would open.

Two thousand years ago the God's plan was bloody and terrible. In thousand years, according to the plan of God, with blood and sword, were destroyed the Russian Gods and implemented a forcible love for the heavenly Father, father of Christ. There was needed an impeccable worship from people, love and sacrifice to the God, the absence of resistance to any kind of evil. But himself the Heavenly Father showed to people completely different examples of excessive cruelty, jealousy, greed and incredible lies and wriggles.


It is sufficient to study the history of the Baptism of Russia without any excuses for actions of various characters - and all will become obvious. It all started from the princess Olga. No one attacked Russia. No Mongol-Tatar yoke existed. This is another lie and falsification. Great Tartary was guarded by so-called Tatars and the Mughals. And they were all Russians and Aryjas.

Princess Olga in her 90 years was famous for the beauty and thereto fellows came to admire her and her mind. There was no any state. No one was paying tributes in the empire. The people voluntarily were given clothes, food and weapons to those who guarded Tartaria. The role of women in Tartary was paramount. They had a knowledge of yoga, and called Vedic Bereginias and great Yoginias. They had such forces, of which can be read only in fairy tales.

But Tartaria was penetrated under the guise of merchants messengers of the Heavenly Father, whom Russians didn't know. That's them who lured Olga to Constantinople and conducted over her there a black magic ritual, in result of which she became a slave and an old woman in one month. They deprived her of vitality with this rite. But she was written in the general saving range of Tartary. Such the circle of women Bereginias was torn and destroyed a protective energy field of the country of Russians and Aryjas.

Such in one day was performed the destruction of the great magical land of Mother Goddess. And instead of her was introduced the cult of the Heavenly Father, which no one knew. But this cult was inculcated through his son, Christ, whom he sacrificed, and gave a very bad example to all fathers of the Earth. Now every father, who has the power, could jeer at his son and sacrifice his life. And brother started to kill his brother.

Dreadful and terrible example of father who sacrifices not himself, not his own life, but, sorry, the future of people, because son is always future, and his father - the past, he teaches people to complete renunciation from Mother Nature. And Mother Nature turns away from people and disasters are starting and droughts and volcanoes erupt.

These bad examples led to the complete destruction of Tartaria. And the people of Russia, deprived of their true Mother and their true God and demigods ceased to worship them and communication with the spiritual world was completely torn. In the humans had disappeared all abilities and only hatred, cruelty and fratricidal wars became the basis of progress and the lives of all people of the former Tartary. The whole story on blood and murders, all the commandments are not kept, but read by a priests in the churches. What is this nonsense???

We live in 21 century of scientific and technological progress. Long time passed since then. On the planet Earth, in many countries, came up a religion and its thousands of varieties - Christianity. The religion strengthened, transformed, was washed with blood for a thousand times and got saturated from this. But after - time again demanded a new victims, and there was a mass destruction of indigenous peoples, those who still have worshiped to Mother Nature. Red Indians were cutout and burned out almost all. In the wars all the crimes and bloody sacrifices and murders were committed under the name of Christ and Heavenly Father.

All concentration camps in Germany were made with the slogan "God is with us!". Indeed, God has long been with Hitler. God be with you! But what kind of God? Russians had white gods and black god. If look on our lost and forgotten Gods, by the God's deeds is possible to say who is the father of heaven, who was imposed on us by those who took advantage of religion of the Jews and of the commandments of Moses. All the reviews and researches will show you that this is not a white God.

So why Tartary gave itself up to the black God? Prince Vladimir was born as the grandson of Princess Olga from the Khazarian Malka, who with the help of the Khazar Kagan did instill in his consciousness a new religion and the worship to unknown to Russians God. But Vladimir could not renounce their ancestral Gods. And only his spoiled blood went for such horror destructions.

Russians, ases never brought up a harems. They could take an unfortunate women, who have been hurt in their home by request of own wife, to give them a shelter and protection. And weakness for female sex Russians didn't have. They didn't know any perversions and sodomy in Russia.

The men were chosen as a husbands by wise women and yoginias, who knew that this man was next to them in all lives. They loved each other until the end of their days. And woman from life to life was devoted to one beloved husband, and that's why with his departure she was also voluntarily leaving, burning herself on the fire of her spiritual power and energy. To do this there was no need to make fire, she could combust herself and burn quickly and without pain.

With the advent of Christianity, this memory of past incarnations disappeared. Men from Heavenly Father of the new Christian religion started to take wives by force. And the men began debauchery and live, and have sex and horny delights with several wives.

And this is already an exact violation of 10 th commandment of the same God, who gave these commandments to Judaic Moses on the Mount Sinai. And we would take the Prince Vladimir, who was born of the Khazarian Malka, he already had within himself a debauchery genes and a spoiled blood since birth. And to manage with own vices he could not, even if wanted.

The seed of evil got into him with his Khazarian mother Malka. This slave allowed herself such an indecent actions, of which we can only guess. But all these depravities today have become the norm of life. And we understand that it would not lead people to any good. Indeed, debauchery and perversion would bring people to death. Verdict for them is also signed and no one would get ascertain in their blame. Is Prince Vladimir guilty that he had introduced to the virus of corruption or not guilty? The virus entered him even before the birth. So make your own conclusions.

And Prince Vladimir was lost to his true wife, who was supposed to find and choose him as a spouse, because the prince chooses a wife himself by exterior exotic beauty and because of that falls into the real debauchery and drunkenness, and gets a lot of wives. His wives give birth to his children, and the children got to hate each other. All exactly goes according to plan of the Old Testament - the struggle for birthright, which gives bad example to all, it becomes contagious.

Generally, in the Old Testament under incomprehensible for us brand, to people are given exclusively bad examples of behavior, and all these bad examples come into its own rights through the Christian religion and Christianity. And I have not found in the Bible no one positive example of behavior, which I'd wish to follow to be proudly called a human.

If Christ - a wonderful man, his spiritual father doesn't evoke a respect and gives to the people of Earth a terrible examples of cruelty and indifference for a millennia. And there is no one who can intercede for him. Actually then the whole history of mankind shows us the same instances where fathers give their sons to death without an eye blink. And the women are howling, but they have no power over tyranny and vices of men.

So a careful study the Bible gives me every right to make my own conclusion - the Bible tempts people to do bad things, to break the commandments, and shows a bad examples of behavior from which, in any case, you can't take an example.

And I urge all fathers of the earth never sacrifice the lives of their children for the sake of his or others mercenary and other interests. Better not to have children at all, than to treat them so cruelly. And to experiment on children no one is allowed!

Every earthly father must take responsibilities for their children, no matter how they were born: in marriage or by passion, just to satisfy their own vices. And this responsibility falls on every man.

If you slept with a woman - you have committed a sin, because you seduced her, using your speech, or promises, or captured a woman forcibly, you're already reside in a terrible sin. The woman by that is not a sinner, as she is a Nature itself.

When a man enters the forest and breaks a branches or cuts down a tree, he commits an offense in relation to Nature. No one called him and no one did put an ax in his hands and no one asked to cut down the tree. Surely same thing with woman. No one called him to the woman. But he came in himself and seduced. And I say with the words of the commandments - each such man will be sentenced to death of the soul.

If woman has baby without marriage contract, this does not exempt man from responsibility for born child. He is obliged to give him food and clothing, to give him an education. Otherwise, such a man by the laws and the commandments of your own God - a sinner and will be sentenced to death. And all these men will be damned if will not understand that it's time to throw out of their heads all the bad examples and find their true Gods.

Now the extinction of white race is going on. The program of the Old and New Testament in action! Who can stop this program? Only women, only these women in whom is still alive the memory of Mother Nature and the memory of their true God. Women Yoginias and Savers - do arise!!! Let's save the white race of our children, our sons entangled in bad examples! I appeal to you, Mothers Goddess, rise!

That's you who keeps the memory of your eternal consort, you who not committed adultery, but look for your Gods. You have this power within yourselves and would be able to stop this mess, and this destruction of the sons exposed to the bad examples of alien religion - a religion that teaches your fathers abandon their children and sacrifice children for the sake of their interests.

But look: all killed in wars, all abandoned by their fathers and killed children, even at this time of the war between Russia and Ukraine, and in other countries and time, they all died, and no one rose!!! Hoax! Do you understand? Where are your sons, Mothers? Why they not have been raised? The priests promised a terrible court and resurrection of the dead for two thousand years. But no one rose, never!!! All dead and will not return. Mothers, why you don't speak??? Christians, respectable priests, is that not time to answer for the blabbers! Or you'd still continue to collect the wages of the people, and to feed everyone with the promises of Judgment? But what is the judgment no one knows.

And many respectable Christians sincerely awaiting a trial. For me now it's difficult to say something, but those who are await for the trial, what are they hope for? That they will not be judged, that they do not fall under the blow? And that the Lord would see them and tell that they are great, and take them to the so-called Heaven?

I've met a lot of people looking forward to trial and punishment of God. But everyone expects that God's punishment will fall on the heads of those who clearly violates the laws, and nothing would fall on their head for sure, because they live in the of God's laws. But I will prove that there was not a single person who would not have violated at least one of the commandments.

Let us, for example, take a person born in the USSR. We did not have God. And there was no one to love. All the people without exceptions were born in ignorance, so that all of them broke the first four commandments. Suppose that someone unwittingly, with all his soul, loved some God, who he did not know, but he loved. But the commandment: You shall not kill - was broken by all the people.

From my early childhood I did not want to eat meat, and nobody especially imposed it to me. But when I went to study at the Institute there was a dining room, where were given a meat balls, we would buy sausages, and we all ate what we were given. And thus we all broke the commandment "You shall not kill", as we were involved in the killing of animals, such as cows, and cows have souls, like all vertebrates. But we didn't know that we violate the commandment "You shall not kill." Suppose that God forgives those who does not know and don't aware of what he does.

But now the realization did come to all people that the commandment "You shall not kill" is really reasonable for its sound and it is legitimate.

"You shall not kill" - without any comment wrote to Moses his God. And I seeing in this a common sense, and here the God of Moses is right. But the people continue to eat their smaller brothers, animals, and mercilessly kill each other.

There is not too many who kill people. But those who eat animal food and indirectly involved in the murder - also violate the commandment "You shall not kill." Then how can the priests in churches read aloud this commandment "You shall not kill," and then go to lunch and eat the flesh of dead animals??? Then what do they say? Why do the preach and do not obey the commandments?

For me there opens such a vision that all those who stand in the temples, or preach, or pray and recite the commandment "You shall not kill" are crazy, or do it on purpose. If you said the word "You shall not kill" - you already are responsible and already getting under the blow of your Christian God, and you have already signed to a death sentence.

And it turns out that all those who entered the temples, cathedrals and churches, and listen to the 10 Commandments, spoken by Catholic priests, and eating meat, that they are all die-hards. I, like everyone else, ate burgers and sausage meat without reflection. I lived in ignorance like everyone, but when I read the 10 commandments, I had a stress of the commandment "You shall not kill " because I realized that I really break it.

So I decided to find out what's going on in the temples and churches. I learned that all Christians of all stripes pronounce this commandment, like a mantra, "You shall not kill," and then go to lunch and complicit in committing a murder. It took me time for awareness. Full awareness and verifying if I am right or wrong. After a while, I realized that the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" is violated by all Christians. And all of them are sentenced to death by their god.

Then I began to search for my own God, and I realized that the commandment "You shall not kill" is common to the whole cosmos and to all people of the world. And I remember what a deep fear I experienced when I realized that participated in the killing of animals. And I left the animal food and became a vegetarian. First I gave up all meat products and then stopped eating fish and eggs. And now I am a complete vegetarian and I can say that the commandment "You shall not kill," I do not break on the physical plane.

But we still have words with which we speak different taunts and sometimes is possible to kill the soul of human with a word. And also we have thoughts, with help of which you can contrive so much that can kill the whole world. And also we have an intentions that guide our thoughts to murder people. But all the words and thoughts and intentions can be imposed by some prying external power and force people to think unnaturally, speak illegally and against their will, and create a wrong intentions by suggestion from someone who tempts a person and may change his intentions and disable the will of human.

When I was writing this article, I noticed that at some point an invisible force started to influence me, my knees and legs began to weaken. Feet - that's our beliefs and our Gods, and my will began to weaken. In such way occurs some invisible introduction of different influences on us, and if we change ourselves and give in to temptation - expect trouble. And when someone unknown seizes your will, how can you be responsible for your thoughts, words and actions? How? No way!

Because people sometimes can not be responsible for themselves, and for them should be held responsible the one who tempts them - their god. But the Christian God is always right and there always only people to blame. This suggests that this god is irresponsible. He creates something and people hold retribution.

I have long studied the different Gods of East. And found such a God in Indian philosophy. His name is Indra. Russians had the name Indrik. So, by all the descriptions and researches, that is selfish demigod Indra, who gave the commandments to Moses, who is constantly shaking for his own throne, and will never agree with the fact that he does only mistakes. Because of his jealousy and greed for power this God commits crimes.

Since the God of the Jews hide his name, it is possible that this heavenly father is the demigod Indra. But then where is the God of Gods? Indra, in Indian philosophy, is forever dreaming of one-man rule and does not like the God of Gods. It is possible that he teamed up with demons and cast off the God of Gods and all the Trimurti. Anything can happen. We should investigate this - what happened in the universe.

But Slavic god Indrik considered as half animal. If did win this half animal, the demigod, which relies solely on the laws - there is nothing good from it should be expected. And only a demigod from his powerlessness will scare people with a terrible judgement and can sacrifice his son for the sake of his own person. But people crave for domesday and this is true.

Yes, indeed, there are so much around of crying shame, so much horror and all this horror comes from people that inevitably begin to summon the high court, that it could figure out in human affairs, as the people themselves are incapable to resolve their own deeds. But where from in people all these intentions and words, and thoughts, and bad deeds - it is a question number one. Priest is same as parish. God is same as people. And who is to be punished: god, priests or believers?

Me and you probably have the question: what and who will get the most for all these horrible deeds of men? Judging by the commandments and ominous warnings, the Lord is always right, as superior, and he is not soft at all, but cruel and would ask from his devotees, as they say, to the fullest. We don't know who gets what. But what will get everyone who calls himself a Christian and worship this god, we have no doubt. And all these people awaits a death of soul and about a resurrection from the dead there no chance to dream.

If a person utters those 10 commandments on worships, if religious people repeat them at their homes, all who repeat these commandments will get the most. And no more no less - these commandments, to be precise, their violation - called as mortal sins. This means that the Lord promises to all violators the death penalty and this will be the soul's penalty, God will kill the soul - and the end.

I want to say that the world is now abolished the death penalty, and we became more civilized, and has gone from crucifixes and guillotines, and thank you, merciful resurrecting Gods! But we look at the Lord of Christians, and understand that he has not yet come with his terrible judgment, and it means that his death penalty for the souls violating the commandments is not canceled. Everything as it was is still there.

And the human society has progressed forward to humanity, but the Lord of Christians remained in former positions, otherwise he would have told us that he has something changed. This is somehow puzzling and frightening. But God is God. His laws and commandments remain as laws. And we tried to understand these commandments and tried to realize: Is it possible to carry out all 10 commandments, and be clean and righteous in our society to be able to say to the Lord: "I'm clean, I do not judge me the Lord."

Look again at the commandments of God of Christians. The first four commandments - it is an expression of love to the God himself and responsibilities towards him. Doesn't matter if you know him or not, but you have to love, and that's it.

If to speak about the heroism of Christ, it is beyond doubt, and of course, it is easier to talk about the love to Christ. It is impossible not to love him.

But for that you need to open your soul the power of love, if the power is closed, about what kind of love to God to speak at all? And how to open the love for God, Mother Nature, humanity - to this one no one would teach you. How to come to love?

To love should be conquered the fear.

And the Bible itself catching up with a terrible fear that after reading this book, you will see at night nightmares, and in the soul would really the fear of God will arise, and complete lack of understanding - who is this God to the people. You'd see such things, oh, mother, especially those who have a conscience and a living soul. And one who has no soul - has nothing to lose, he will be a butcher and will fulfill any whims of cruel god who with his own hands did kill his son. And this is repeated constantly. For example, we all know the picture as Ivan the Terrible killed his son.

People in Christianity are called a servants of God. That's very interesting! We know who is the slave and who is the master and in slave's soul can never be born a sincere love for his master. Slave is always learning to cheat lord, and in the soul of slave settles some fear and desire to replace the master. Therefore there can be no love to God from any servant of God. Each slave will wriggle, lie and wait for his time, when he will be able to rise above the master, or kill him.

I do not think that the God of the Christians, not Christ, but the Father of Heaven, could not know this simple truth. By logic and observation that knowledge becomes today available to any more or less observant person. But if the God is smarter than the average person, he must have known that servant of God can never truly love his lord God.

And then God, who gave to Moses the 10 Commandments, he knew exactly that no one person who tries to fulfill these commandments, among fans of this God, they will not be able to carry them out. Real servant of God, a Christian, which performs a ceremonies in the churches, will never be able to follow the first four commandments. The love of God's servant to master God will always be doomed to failure. And in the commandments is written that those who violate these commandments are already sentenced to death of the soul. There is given the impossible task, foredoomed to failure. Why?

So, let's see, the God makes his own slaves from the people and by that he plans their death in advance? They already wouldn't be able to execute this four commandments, slave is always looking to the side and wait for an opportunity to escape to another, richer and gracious lord. Mister God, do you need the deaths of your slaves??? Tell me, why do you want their death, why you show to the people the bad examples on which they will only get worse and worse?

I'm making a terrible conclusions, from which I have hair on the head move, but these findings are so real, confirmed by the life and practice that only a complete idiot, zombies, lacking of even a single gyrus, devoid of mind, does not agree with the conclusions. The conclusions, which are not even mine, but universal.

The conclusions are as follows:

God gave to Moses the first four commandments, knew that none of those, who will be dedicated to this religion, none of those whom God has called servants of God will not receive any salvation. You can not even dream of that.

And centuries of Christianity showed that all the people who defended their faith and tried to love God were destroyed, died in agony, and God none of them protected.

If this God was the father of all mankind, he himself would have died, but he would not give his devotees to be torn apart and torment in hell.

But this God is not a Father to the people, he calls himself a master and the people - his slaves. And he gives the commandments that will find those who really try to look for the love to this God, and these people will be destroyed especially painfully.

Others will be a flock, a mindless herd that will just pray and have nothing to ponder about. Herd is ready to die whenever God slew it.

And nobody asks anything about anything, because the will of the people is completely given to this God, and the people do not have their own will therefore can not change anything in their destiny.

For me that is very strange and incomprehensible God. That is definitely not my God, because I know my God. And I know that he will never allow the death of his devotees and always come to defense.

The more I know him, the more I see in him not a God, but a plotter. Forgive me, but that's like this.

Suppose that he is not a plotter and does not want the death of his guarded and subjected people, then something must be concealed in this cunning and incredible conception, as a result of which shed the rivers of blood and the people died with agonizing death. Of course, I do not believe in such an extreme plan, but let suppose...

And we will try to see and guess the possible ways of thinking of the heavenly Father, and ulterior motives of his intentions for all Christians.

If by such terrible and unbelievable way of tortures and atrocities he wanted the people to become strong and tempered, who, through the selfishness of their god, wanted them to find their own selfishness.

But immediately my studies run into historical facts and into my life experience, which, I'm sorry, is not gone anywhere. The more you try to be like Christ, the faster you will die and perish. I saw a lot of people, in whose hearts opened sacrifice, and now they are already all in the other world. They were coming bright and beautiful, and they lived for others, forgetting about themselves, they were simple-hearted, and from them were taken all material, and they were scoffed at and called the rabble of the society.

In my life I have also repeated the feats of saints and also opened to the people my heart, they took from me everything, due to what I lived on earth, and they left me alone with myself. And the more I was aiming for good, for charity, the more I got in return cruelty and outright rudeness. And the same thing I observed with other people. The more person manifests selfishness and greed, the more he gets results by the Christian god.

And we see all by ourselves in practice - the worse, selfish human gets more chances to become wealthy and to strengthen its position on this earth. God of the Christians definitely gives to all the people a bad examples and his thoughts are the same selfish, he is jealous and envious. He is terribly clings to power.

God of the Christians rejects the worship of Mother Nature.

But the Mother Nature, she is the Mother Goddess, which has more than three hundred thousands holy names, and exactly she advised to be worshiped in the time of Kali Yuga, so she would defend and help to live on Earth. Mother Nature is the wife of God of Gods, of Creator of sky and Earth, who is favorable, wise, generous, strong, powerful, he is the beginning and the end of everything, master of songs, lord of sacrifice, who has healing medicines, it sparkles like sun, shines like gold, the best and most generous of the Gods, giving favorable mercy.

So, if the Christian God overthrows Mother Nature and forbids to worship her and she, I'm sorry, Mother Goddess herself, the only wife of the God of Gods, who is he really himself? Read the first and second commandments:

1. I am the LORD your God. You shall have no other gods before Me.

2. You shall not make for yourself a carved image - any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

Now look, what is that rudeness! Nature gives man free water, air, fire and allow him to sow grain, man kills her children - animals, and the God of the Christians says that nothing in response needed to be given to Mother Nature. In short, rape her, use, kill her children, rape her women - mothers of the earth, and in return don't give her anything and do not serve her.

Excuse me, this is the most real blasphemy. That's why human raped the Mother Nature, killing children and women, and I as a mother and a woman who represents Mother Nature, saying that in that God is hidden an evil intent, aimed at the destruction of the planet and violence over Mother Nature.

If that happens for some thousands of years in a row, then the one who calls himself the father of heaven and rules all Christianity is not really the Heavenly Father, but some usurper. My thoughts lead me to believe that there was a big battle in the universe and this is confirmed by history. Someone attacked the God of Gods, destroyed two more pairs of the Gods, which together formed Trimurti - two other gods were born from the imagination, of the thoughts of God of Gods, and all of these gods now do not appear among the people, but before they could appear in human form. This was a frequent occurrence.

And for me it's more obvious than if I would be told that in the blood and hardness of the Father in heaven lies some kind and fantastic idea, that everything and everyone will be judged and dressed by justice and the world will be a wonderful paradise. Not and not. I don't believe it! And no one can make me blindly believe the tales that tell the Christians for thousands of years, and of which induced such a mist that already nothing can be seen. And all this is justified by words: "Mysterious ways your Lord."

Why do you need to believe in inscrutability of his ways, if before we all new our God and went by the Vedas, and we met with all our God-parents not somewhere in the imagination, but here on the earth, and they defended us, and now no one to protect people.

Or maybe there is someone already, just need to remember and resurrect once and for all our loved Gods? And they would come in physical forms and you people will be able to recognize them. And then once again return to the house of your gods, and you will honor and serve your Mother Nature. Since she is - only your mother, Goddess of the universe.

And the one who for so many years called himself the Heavenly Father, and to whom was brought so many victims of humans and shed oceans of blood, will thus be defendant, and also we'd be able to see him in flesh, and he will answer all questions honestly and openly. I'm waiting for this hour and I hope that the owner of time, the God of Gods hears me and wakes up from his collapse.

God of Gods, as well as any other god, has very little power without Mother Nature, and therefore, I give my energy to my lover, the only one God of Gods, ascetic and host of time, to the one who brings happiness, to simple and honest of honest, just and merciful, who would rather die himself than give killed even one of his devotee. And so it happened. But the life of any of God sometimes depends on one devotee and can resurrect from one atom. And I resurrect the memory of people about their true Gods.

And if, after this article, someone will continue to worship that God, who for so many years fooled the hearts and minds of Christians, I'd tell you that you are making your own choice. That is difficult to refuse the lie and admit the truth. That is sad to learn that thousands of years people worshiped to own enemy and misanthrope who killed his own son, but ones comes insight and understanding will help to get out of the web of god of lie and get back to the truth of life. But there is no other way. And thus there will be no frightful or other judgement, and all pests of Earth will perish together with their dwarf god who has no power, but all this time was taking the people by fear.

The author - Maria Lilith Karpinskaya. November 20, 2014

Translation Of Maya Nikolaeva.
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