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The first book of Maria Karpinskaya "An opened book of a childhood".

This book is my invention, gift to you, human, my friend. You have the right to ask: "why?". I shall answer to you. In our day we mainly live by mind, not realizing life in our physical body and we entirely forgotten that we also have "an emotional body". We suffer and sick, because we suppress negative emotions in ourselves, and they accumulate in the physical body. It makes us not only unhealthy, but transforms our life into crazy dream. Arousing is such a condition at which person realizes himself as a creator of his own future and takes a responsibility for his life to himself, and only to himself. I can also say of myself: how long I slept! What a painful nightmares I dreamed of! What a difficult and painful was awakening! But, thank God, it happened! Now I know something and something felt. In our life we live by head. We speculate, dream of something, and the time comes when that what we so passionately aspired for - fulfilled, and we understand that our dreams were executed... Read the first book of Maria Karpinskaya "An opened book of a childhood" in English link:
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