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: 22, 2018 6:58 am     : The painting on the house of Maria Karpinskaya & her fri

A break through Malevich's black square.
Men cannot break through.
Maria Karpinskaya opens a new era of painting.

Article of artist Alexandra Guseva,
daughter of the famous painter Boris Leifer.

Painting that opens the consciousness.
A break through Malevich's black square.

Malevich closed the door of art with a black square, and on this the world fine art stopped its development, and all the artists went in the opposite direction, by selecting over for their works the styles and directions of the past known to them.

Unlike professional artists, Maria Karpinskaya made a breakthrough in the art of the future. This is a breakthrough through the black square of male perception of the world. Maria Karpinskaya opened the Way to the future of fine arts.

Fine art, like art in General, has been the prerogative of menfolk for centuries - the menfolk's eyes was watched on the world and left in a history of numerous images, the men's intelligence understood the world, made his conclusions and wrote the rules and laws for everything, including art.

It is difficult to recall several names among women artists, including: Frida Kahlo, Zinaida Serebryakova, Natalia Goncharova, Margaret Keane, Marie Tussauds, Vera Mukhina, juna Davitashvili, and others. But even these women took as a basis for their creative expression the male vision of reality, and so their paintings are sometimes indistinguishable from the paintings of men artists, and sometimes even imitate them, as a student imitates his teacher.

Maria Karpinskaya did not study fine arts, she had no idols among painters, Maria never tried to copy the outside world and move it to the wall or canvas. "Why? Nature - it is perfect and it's silly to make bad copy of the nature." - so said Maria about the work of many artists.

Instead of being a copycat of the outside world, Maria Karpinskaya discovered the world within herself. As a thinker, writer, poet, teacher and inventor, filmmaker and philanthropist, Maria Karpinskaya is different from most figures of science and art by the fact that her discovery, her creativity comes entirely from within her, and it's not distorted by the display of the outside world.

The male distorted representation of the external world, whether in science or in art, is nothing but the entropy of this world, its distortion, breakdown and destruction.

Maria herself is the source of her inner World and reflects her world in word, in painting, in projects. Maria Karpinskaya's paintings are artefacts themselves-independent objects of the living substance of the Soul, captured in visual forms and color by creator of Maria Karpinskaya on the walls of houses and canvases. This painting is alive, it is not a distorted display of external reality, it is the radiation of some alternative reality emanating to the outside world by powerful streams of energy, and therefore, Maria Karpinskaya's painting is a place of power, a strong artifact that carries its influence to the outside world.

The extraordinary structure of the Maria Karpinskaya's painting - igh-energy radiation.

The fluctuation of color spots between energy and matter.

A breakthrough in spirituality through a color explosion.
There is still such feature of Maria Karpinskaya's painting - Maria writes only in bright colors. And if the paintings of other artists, filled with bright colors, as a rule, suppress the viewer with their pressure, paintings by Maria Karpinskaya act quite the opposite - they facilitate even the physical body of the viewer, they nourish a person with vitality, causing a state of delight, inspiration, penetration, filling the viewer with high energy.

Along with large bright color planes, small strokes appear, creating a fractional structure of shimmering color spots. These small brushstrokes are somewhat reminiscent of grains scattered throughout the space, which germinate inside the imagination of a person in different ways, they seem to come out of the walls and permeate the air, the images seem to move, breathe, live, and it seems as if they do not germinate on the walls, but in the soul of a person by inspiration and creativity.

This is real magic! The magic of the real creativity of the feminine. In India, the Indians from an early age know that a Woman, her energy Shakti-is the beginning, but the female energy is the end. The irrational female substance is elusive and not amenable to enslavement - it is an endless source of what is changing all the time. It is the movement and Power of the Lord himself. In India say: "Shiva without Shakti is dead". Art, devoid of female substance, is dead. Such art that does not carry a Living (a substance that gives life, animates) can be viewed in copies and reproductions - it is only informative for the field of logical constructions of the mind, like Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso. Sometimes the works of such artists are even better to look at in reproductions, as their originals can have a devastating impact on the viewer.

But in the world there is a brilliant live pictures that you want and need to see and feel directly. Only looking at the painting of Maria Karpinskaya, I remembered and understood the words of my teacher in the history of art, that brilliant works of art should be viewed only in the original. I've seen photos of Maria Karpinskaya's paintings before, and they also caused me a lot of delight, but I experienced a real experience only here when I came to India and came into contact with this magic in the original. Looking at these intricate and unpretentious paintings, I plunge into myself, come to myself in the literal sense of the word....

But suddenly a thought from the mind of crept into my consciousness: "Having art education and many years of practice, could I create something similar?" The answer was not slow to appear: "No, I could not!" These are not just points and lines this is the expression of the Soul, a high expression written in meditation by the Master. In the painting of Maria Karpinskaya there is no system or mind - it is a living Soul, it is a kind of high Substance, manifested itself and imprinted in spots, lines, strokes.

I look at the paintings of Mary - and they move, their colors and stains are half incarnated - they are in a transitional state - in an eternal transitional state. These are like photons - they are elusive particles of Light that have no barriers, Marias painting has no barriers.

I came to her house tired, after a grueling two-day journey in an Indian noisy train, and I barely standing on my feet. We approached Maria's house in complete darkness. And the first shock was when Mary turned on the light on the porch of her house. For me it was like a revival - I forgot about my condition, and I wanted to fall into this Miracle. Divine! Bright, generous in color, a variety of shapes, lines and spots woke my mind explosion of joy and delight. I felt instantly healed, as if I had come out of the muddy water and into the fresh air. It was like waking from a disease.

The colorful spots of Mary's paintings, her light brushstrokes in a state of joyful harmony seemed to break away from the paintings and penetrate me like sparks of light, purifying and renewing me. Maria's paintings woke my mind with an explosion of joy, delight and purity. If you can draw, depict the experience of the discovery of consciousness, the achievement of the state of the saints, Supermental - this is an incredible breakthrough in the sixth, seventh, and other high dimensions - all this is in the paintings of Mary.

When scientists discovered that dematerialization is an increasing level of vibration, they began to create a lot of appliances, again trying to enslave Live (the substance that gives life, the quickening) and to dominate it - they did not come quite to that, what he wanted to achieve. It is impossible, from the experience to make the system. It is impossible to repeat the way of Buddha, Christ, Zarathushtra, Lao Tzu, etc. But how is it possible to touch the state of awakening of divinity in oneself? Words? - no, Music? - also not, because you can not reproduce the subtlety of the spirit by the notes. The answer is-only through the paintings - through the strokes and lines of the Awakened Master. And there's no name for it, and no words to describe it.

Photos will not give the full effect of perception, which gives the original Painting of the Master. In order not only to see, but the main thing - to experience the picturesque world of Maria Karpinskaya, to undergo internal renewal and transformation - you must certainly see and be close to the painting of Mary directly. Words can not describe it. The experience of the perception of Maria Karpinskaya's painting must be experienced in the same way as a experience of parachute jump, swimming in the hole or the dawn over the ocean. Images written by Maria Karpinskaya as a gateway to The heavenly Palaces!

The highest form of creativity.
What should be the temples of the future?

Temples of India, Russia and other countries with images of the past lead a person into the past and formally talk about the miracles of the spirit that were in the past, but it is only information for the mind, there is no breakthrough in the spiritual. On the contrary, in the temples there is an attempt to attract the spirit and bind it in matter, so that the high spirit is in matter like in prison, in captivity, as a slave and a prisoner.

Maria went in the opposite direction, depicting flowers, objects, the movement of energy, as if she frees them and translates into another energy-information phase - the phase of dematerialization. Her paintings and murals breathe. A person with a standard perception is sometimes difficult to understand the painting of Mary, as the ordinary mind of a person tries to condense the energy and collect it in familiar or specific forms, to call what he sees, in familiar words. When I saw the paintings of Maria - I'm exclaimed, in my mind flashed-my mind stopped. The only thing I could say was " Ah!", "I have no words!". Such images should be in real temples dedicated to deities, because they are like portals leading to the Bright high worlds.

About Maria it is impossible to tell that she is the person keen on creativity. Rather, on the contrary, creativity is fascinated to she, and her inner world. Maria - a real Muse, carrying the inspiration by his painting, she don't appeals to the Muse, Mary is the Muse herself. And her painting is not an end in itself for Mary - it is only a Divine trace left by her in our mortal world.

All her life Maria Karpinskaya goes by the way of laws spirit and austerity. Coming to India, the High Spirit of the Mother Goddess of the requested implementation through Maria Karpinskaya.Maria starved for forty days with prayers and meditations, and in such a high state of mind the miracle of her painting was performed. Maria does not shackle the images and the world she depicts - on the contrary, she seems to let him go, transformation into ecstasy of joy and pure Light. It seems another moment - a flash - and the world will disappear in the original Light.

...I look at Maria's living paintings. Silence in my head... I am sinking in this silence speechless dialogue with the unknown, and here is the picture before my eyes changed and converted in the distant images are not the future, and not the past... Quieter!
I'm immersing!..

8 November 2018.

Article of Alexandra Guseva

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